Audi is one of the top choices for luxury cars. In fact, it is the most affordable among luxury car options yet offers great performance. If you’re an Audi owner or still planning to buy one, here are a few fun facts about the brand.

More than A Hundred Years Old

Audi is already past its centennial anniversary. In fact, this brand had already been in the industry for 108 years. Only the best brands last that long.

The History behind the Name

The name “Audi” was actually suggested by the son of the owner’s closest friend.

Four Rings

The 4 rings printed on their cars symbolizes the companies that comprise the Auto Union. These were Audi, Wanderer, Horch and DKW. Only race cars from Auto Union have this mark.

Left-Hand Drive

Did you know that Audi was the first to introduce left-hand driving in Germany? This feature made the brand revolutionary and memorable. Since then, left-hand driving became popular and shifted the standards.

Connected To Volkswagen

Audi surely started on its own but was the owned by Volkswagen company. You can see that these lines of cars surely have something in common – luxury and high-quality engineering.

Crash Testing

Audi was the first to perform a real crash test. Other companies do their testing by simply rolling the car down from a hill. Audi cars are very durable and safe and some models have actually received 5-star safety rating.

Audi Vs. The Olympics

Audi’s 4 rings tend to look similar to the Olympic 5-ring logo. In fact, the International Olympic Committee filed a lawsuit against them and the Audi Company won.

Other Vehicle Types

Way back in 1949, Audi actually released their very first motorcycle and van. That time, the company wasn’t really focusing on designing luxury cars so they thought of expanding their manufacturing area. Obviously, it didn’t hit as you can only see luxury cars from Audi.

Autonomous Car

“Shelley” was an autonomously driven Audi TTS that made a great breakthrough by reaching the top of Pike’s Peak within 27 minutes. That’s one big achievement especially for a car with no driver in it.

Digital Handbook

Audi manufacturers know the fact that only a few percentages of drivers really read a bulky car handbook. To make things easier, they created a digital version on their Audi A6 to help car owners know how to maintain and troubleshoot their vehicle. If you live around Victoria, schedule your car for maintenance only from the best Audi specialist services in Melbourne.

Race to the Moon

The all-new Audi Lunar Quattro is a 4 wheel drive that was made to run the space race. This extraordinary event is funded by Google and the winner will absolutely receive out of this world prizes.

Other Products

Did you know that Audi has manufactured other products aside from cars? Check out their chair, pet products and an electric bicycle that still possesses the Audi standard.

Audi has always stuck to their motto, advancement through technology. Finding the right car for you? Get an Audi and feel the difference.