Whether you’re a small or large company, getting a hold of an energy storage system might be smart. You’d be able to collect excess power from the grid to use whenever you want. If you don’t invest in the storage system, you’d be left behind, as most of your competitors are already using it. We’ve discussed all the reasons you should take the leap below. Read ahead.

What is an Energy Storage System?

Technologies in the systems store excess energy from the power grid for long periods of time. The excess electricity would be distributed whenever you want.

The systems are becoming more and more popular with businesses, as they help companies avoid using electricity at peak hours.

There are three main types of energy systems. They are thermal storage, compressed air, hydrogen and batteries. Batteries are the most common choice – a lot of power can be stored and distributed on a large scale.

Backup Power

Power outages can be disastrous. They could result in you halting your work for days. You can protect from power outages by purchasing battery systems. The extra electricity saved could be used as backup power.  The transition from grid power to backup power is effortless, so a lot of effort wouldn’t be needed.

Maximizing time-of-use rates

Energy storage systems would help you shift your electricity consumption from periods of high demand to periods of lower demand. The bill you’d met with at the end of the month would be much less.  You can pump these savings elsewhere in your business.

The energy that you store can be sold which would be added revenue to your company. Considering it’s not expensive to get a hold of a storage battery, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Aggreko (Australia) offers some options that are not very expensive. 

Help the Environment

Energy storage can help the environment. After all, you’d be improving the efficiency of the power grid. Also, the energy storage system would make use of electricity that was already created. It would use no resources or produce any emissions.

The lack of emissions means that you can place the batteries you pick up any where on a job site. 

We mentioned how you’d be able to save on your energy bill above. An energy storing battery along with a Solar PV could also make you eligible for tax credits for federal investments. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Let’s summarize. An energy capacitor could be just what your business needs. You’d be able to storage any excess power from the grid. The power could be distributed whenever you want. You’d be saving, as you’d be able to avoid using the grid at peak hours. More importantly, the energy storage system can provide power when there are power outages. You could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars if there is an outage for days otherwise.

An added benefit is that you’d be helping the environment. The capacitors don’t give off any toxic gases, and you’d be improving the efficiency of the grid too.