Barn lights are vital for bringing in visibility and beauty into your home or farmhouse. If you are looking for aesthetic looking lights, they are the type of lights that can elevate a basic farmhouse. There are many options available to you in the arena of barn lights. However, there are many factors that need to be taken into account before purchasing one for your farm. Here are four major factors you should consider in order to choose the right barn lights:

1.      The Size

You have to make sure the lights you get are big or small enough to fit into the space provided for it. For instance, outdoor barn lights are suitable for the bigger and greener areas. Basically, any area outside the farmhouse is where such lighting fixtures would go. A larger gooseneck barn light is perfect for the outside, while smaller lights are more suited for the indoors. In addition, if you are looking at barn pendants, focus on the height as you have ensured there is enough space between the ceiling and the kitchen table.

2.      Design

For optimum illumination and beauty, the design and style of barn lights are vital. There is a wide array of styles when it comes to barn lights. For example, as mentioned before gooseneck barn lights contain a curved pipe that resemble a goose’s neck, making it a suitable outdoor light.

While the smaller version can create the perfect lighting for the bedroom. In addition, straight arm lights are mounted on walls, just like a straight arm. This particular light is an excellent addition to porches and farms whilst providing a decorative appeal to the space it is in. Finally, pendent fixtures are a staple in the farmhouse and provides elegance to the interior areas.

3.      Hue & Texture

You need to focus on which material, what texture and colour the barn light has to be in order for it to fit into a particular space well. For instance, if you want to create a more modern aesthetic, metallic finishes will do the job. In contrast, if you desire the more rustic look of a farmhouse the fixtures should have a matte metallic finish. You could also go for the traditional black and white colours or turn up the vibrancy with some warm or cool shades of yellow, red, pink, purple or green around the farmhouse.

4.      Set a Budget

Yes, lighting is important, but it is not worth breaking the bank. Opting to purchase an expensive barn light is a waste of both your time and money. The more affordable lights are as low as $35 whilst some of the higher end ones can be priced up to around $700.

Quality does not always mean super pricy. What determines the high standard of a light is not based on price, but the material utilized to create the light. For example, lights made out of aluminium are usually of lower quality and less resilience. On the other hand, barn lights made with steel will definitely last longer.

Take these factors into consideration and make the right choice for your farmhouse.