If you’re looking to start a career counselling addicts, you should as it would reap many benefits. However, there are a few things you should consider before you take the leap. Below, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know so keep reading.

It’s Emotionally Taxing

Frankly, working with addicts is not easy. You have to guide them through one of the darkest times in their lives. That’s why you need to be an emotionally steady person if you decide to take the leap into the field.

You may be affected by their struggle, hindering your mental health. That’s why centres look for counsellors who have specific attributes, along with their qualifications- the most important attribute is being mentally strong, as you can see why.

You Need To Be A Specific Type Of Person

As you can see, not everyone can be a counsellor. You need specific attributes, as discussed, being a mentally strong person is the biggest attribute needed.

Along with this, centres look for other aspects as well. They want to hire individuals that are positive. Having a positive outlook on life is important as positivity is needed to help  addicts realize how great life can be, influencing them to not waste it away with drugs and alcohol.

Moreover, positive support will help them get over the addiction as positive reinforcement is known as a great means of encouragement.

Along with this, you must be a friendly individual. If you’re not, you won’t be able to bond with the people in your support group, affecting how well you can help them.

You Need To Be Qualified

To work as a counsellor to addicts, you need to be certified. Thankfully, this certification is not costly nor is it time consuming. You can enrol once you’re done with high school as this is the minimum requirement.

As mentioned, it is not time consuming so it is not a fully pledged degree. Instead, you’ll be spending a maximum period of a year achieving the certification. As it is just a certificate, there are many places offering this qualification, making it easily accessible for you to enter drug and alcohol programs taking place in Geelong.

With it under your belt, you can work as a counsellor if you want. Otherwise, you can advance your studies, getting more qualified for the task.

You’ll Be Paid Well

Unfortunately, the state of the world is deteriorating. Because of this, you’ll see a lot of people being addicted to drugs and alcohol. Thus, counsellors to aid them are heavily needed.

Not only do NGOs offer you employment but so do government and private rehabilitation centres. Along with the ample amount of job prospects available, you’ll be making quite a bit.

It’s no secret that experienced counsellors make a lot of money. So, if you’re looking to make a pretty penny, it is a good career path for you.

It’s Very Rewarding

Not only would you be rewarded with a great salary, but you’ll feel very fulfilled at the end of the day as you’re helping people make a difference with their lives.

Considering the above points, you know everything you need to, to take a leap into the field. So, nothing’s stopping you now.