If you’re not looking forward to dealing with the stress related to moving homes, then the below suggestions are exclusively for you.


Start Your Packing Ahead Of Time

We cannot stress this tip strongly enough, because this is the one tip that will take away more than half of your stress when it comes to moving homes. Here, by ahead of time, we are talking as early as three months. Start by packing the items that you won’t need for this season, like your winter clothing and bedding. Then pack the things that won’t be used often, or can be worked around; like dough making machines or the books you don’t need at the moment. Be warned, you can get distracted while packing your things¾especially if you happen to find “lost things”. Avoid flipping through or trying on any item; because one minute can easily turn into an hour wasted.

Making Arrangements to Take Care of Your Rubbish

All homes accumulate clutter and rubbish, it’s a sign of a house being lived in. And despite how regularly you clean, you’ll always find yourself dealing with garbage or items that you want to throw away (like that tattered tee-shirt you’ve always held on to, but never wear) when you’re getting ready to move homes. Instead of struggling with disposable garbage bags, consider hiring a small skip bin for this purpose. If you’re expecting a lot of garbage, make arrangements for them to come and collect your garbage. So, Rubbish removal is a service most bin hiring companies provide.


Always Label All Your Boxes

One of the major reasons for the confusion regarding moving house and packing and unpacking, is the fact that we don’t do one simple thing¾label our boxes. You need to clearly print what’s in the box, if it’s delicate, and which room in your new house it’s going to be stored in. If possible, try to have a list on the side of each box on all the things it contains. Not only will it make life easier for you when unpacking, but if you happen to need something from the boxes before moving, then having a labelled and listed box means you need not open and rifle through everything for a single item.


Research Your Mover and Their Services

Like we mentioned above, starting your packing ahead of time reduces your stress significantly. One other factor that will work to your advantage, is if you manage to snag the right movers. The ideal mover should be reliable and trustworthy, easy to get in touch with, have a moving van large enough for all your things, and be a safe and steady driver. By choosing a mover that has been recommended by someone you trust, you are taking care of the trustworthy part, and the safe driving.

Delegate Tasks Instead Of Bearing the Weight Alone

If you’re the alpha of your home, or someone simply used to run the show on their own terms, it can be pretty tempting to try and bear all the weight of your home shifting by yourself. However, this a bad idea as not only is you going to be in a lot of stress, the chances of things being forgotten or mistakes being made are higher. Delegate chores and share the load for a smoother move…