Shoes come in all kinds of styles and sizes. Unfortunately, people having issues with them are common. The best ways to deal with shoe discomfort are talked about below. Read ahead.

The Perfect Shoe Size

It might have been a while since you measured your feet. You probably don’t know this, but feet can change in size over time. It’s a good idea to regularly measure your feet. Measuring tape would give you the most accurate reading. 

Moisture-Wicking Socks

How hot is it where you live? Walking all day would lead to sweaty feet. You can tackle this by purchasing moisture-wicking socks. They would allow the sweat to evaporate instead of staying trapped. Certain fabrics are better at wicking than others. Examples would be Merino wool and Polyester.

While on the topic of tackling moisture, many people use baby powder on their feet. It would not only absorb moisture, but it would minimize rubbing too. The reduction in rubbing would minimize bruising.


You heard that right – we’re talking about deodorant on your feet. We mentioned how socks can help deal with sweat, but deodorant would help keep sweat away as well. Its antiperspirant components would block sweat ducts.

A problem you may have with your shoes is how bad sweat can make them smell. As you can imagine, deodorant on your feet would work wonders for this. Can you use just any deodorant? The answer is yes.

Shoe Stretchers

How big are the shoes you’re wearing? If you purchased shoes that are a tad too tight, there is a way to make them more comfortable; you can use shoe-stretchers. They would be wooden contraptions shaped like feet.

The stretchers are perfect for new shoes. Even if they’re the right size, they would be tight until you break them in– the stretchers would do this for you.


If you’re on your feet all day, an insole would be needed. It would provide arch support. There are some insoles that provide additional height, which is something any guy would love to hear. Certain insoles promote healthy strides too. Many think that you must go to a podiatrist to buy a shoe inner sole. However, this isn’t the case. You can purchase one online.

Tape Your Toes

This suggestion might sound odd, but bear with us for a second. Wearing heeled shoes would add pressure to the ball joints on your feet. A lot of nerves are in the ball joints, so when they hurt, your toes can hurt as well. Taping the first and second toes would help alleviate any pressure.

All shoe experts would agree that shoes can be uncomfortable. There are thankfully many things you can do to make them more comfortable. Probably the most important would-be finding options that are right size. Make sure you regularly measure your feet as they can change in size over time. In terms of what you can use to measure them, measuring tape would work the best.