Life is something we can’t predict. We do not have any idea what can happen to us and to the people who matter to us the most. Which is why, try to celebrate every occasion. The celebration can be as simple as preparing your loved one’s favourite meal at home.

There is no need for fancy celebrations especially if you have a limited budget. Remember, it always feels good when we remember the milestones of the people we love. However, if you are busy all the time, preparing for the perfect surprise can be a real challenge. So, to help you with this dilemma, here are some ways to surprise a loved one.

Make Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes may sound old school for you. However, there is always something beautiful with handwritten notes. They are personal and the receiver will feel loved and special, for sure. There are many creative ways to do it. One of which is by putting them inside a message bottle. 

Use your Artistic Side

Everyone has an artistic side that is waiting to be unleashed. So, use your creativity by painting large wooden letters that you can give to the receiver. It can be his or her whole or nick name.

Gift an Experience

Giving material things is okay, but the receiver may already have the gift idea you have in your mind. So, if you want a gift that he or she will remember forever, gift him or her an experience. It can be a learning experience – a dance lesson that he or she has been meaning to learn ever since.

Bake Goodies

One of the simplest ways to make your loved one feel special is by baking his or her favourite dessert. Fill a mason jar with cookies, candied fruits, or revel bars. 

Send a Greeting Card

In this digital era, only a handful of people left are using snail mail to send greeting cards. The reason is, it takes quite an effort to send one. Plus, it may take a while for the recipient to receive it. However, if you are the old-fashioned type and you want to make it personal, send your greeting card through snail mail. The recipient surely will be happy.

Create a Photo Collage

Creating a photo collage for your loved one will leave him or her speechless. The photos are priceless as they are something you have shared memories with him or her. Adding photos of the people who are important to him or her is a great idea, too.

Give a Pet

If your loved one is a pet lover, specifically a dog-lover, give him or her one. However, before you do, make a thorough research about the best dog breed to have. Consider his or her character and lifestyle. And his or her living space, too. Adopt, do not shop. Doing so can help save a pet’s life. Not only that, you can help fight puppy mills.

You can surprise your loved one by creating a beautiful video, too.