There’s nothing more rewarding than watching little kids enjoy the most out of a playground with laughter, friendships, and their little hands and feet actively carrying them around each activity. But there is more building a playground than just allowing them to make the most of it. When it comes to kids, or anyone for that matter, safety is of utmost importance.

Kids often move around the playground equipment without a care and simply aim to have fun, therefore it is our responsibility to ensure there is zero possibilities for any harm to be caused, starting from the surface of the playground to the different activities placed around for them. Keep reading as we list down some of the important safety and security rules you need to keep in mind when putting together an awesome kid’s playground.

No hard surfaces 

Like we mentioned above, it is important that every playground has a smooth and soft surface so as to help avoid kids from knocking or scraping themselves and getting injured be it minor or majorly. The most kid friendly surfaces are grass or sand and it is the kind of surface many playgrounds tend to have. Make sure there are no rocks unevenly placed even for decorative purposes.

Proper spacing of equipment

When it comes to playgrounds, there are several of equipment that provide a variety of fun and cool activities, some of which require a large amount of space in order to maintain the safety or distance so as to avoid any two equipment from clashing into each other as this can be harmful when the kids are playing in it. Safety spacing leaves less chances for kids to get knocked over especially since the materials this equipment are made of mostly is metal.

Safe and secure swing and slides

When it comes to slide and swings, an important factor that you need to keep in mind is building age-appropriate ones. Bucket styled swings are often kept for a lower age group to enjoy the equipment with safety and security. Wooden swing sets are also a recommended choice when it comes to kids as it is light and less harmful.

Fixed stability of equipment

All equipment present in your playground needs to be secured thoroughly and stable enough to carry the weight of the kids without causing any loose ends or risk. Kids often play vigorously and focus on having fun more than anything else, therefore it is our duty to ensure that these equipment don’t fall off or tilt in the process of their activities. 

No space for entrapments

Many playgrounds equipment include activities that allow kids to climb, slide and hang. These can easily cause danger if not kept in an appropriate manner. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that the kids don’t find any possibility for entrapments as this might not only hurt them physically but scare them mentally in the long run.

When we provide a good space for the kids, it is always important to ensure that it’s a 100% risk free!