Believe it or not, the drummer is considered to be the best position of a band, especially because it’s one of the coolest musical instruments to play with. As a drummer you tend to control the rhythm and speed of the music.

It’s one of the core things that drive that music too. If you’re just starting your journey as a drummer and aren’t aware of what is the right set for you just yet, then keep reading for a detailed insight that’ll help make your purchasing process easier and less daunting.

The parts of a drum sets

As you probably already know, drums have various components to them and each component plays a huge role in the resulting music. These drum parts are also known as elements. Here are the parts that make up a drum set.

  • Bass Drum: When you choose a drum kit, you’ll see that the bass drum, also known as kick drum, is the largest element present. This drum is used with the help of a foot pedal.
  • Snare Drum: While the bass drum provides the foundation of the music, the snare drum acts as the highlighting accents of it. It is also called the snare drum due to the metal springs present across it.
  • Toms: a typical drum set can have two to four toms present. The pitches of these drums depend on the number of drums present. They make a deep hollow sound that fills in gaps.
  • Cymbals: there are three types of cymbals present in a drum set. The hit-hat, ride and crash. These provide a metallic sound produced by these are supported by each other to result in proper rhythm.

In order to complete the above, a drum set requires its hardware parts. That would be the drum sticks, kick pedals, stand, etc.

Buying a drum set: online vs. physically

There are a few important things you need to keep in mind when purchasing a drum set. However, these things can vary depending on how you buy it, either online or physically at a store.

If you’re buying them online then make sure you read the description thoroughly to ensure that all the needed and should be items are included. When considering the price, ensure the quality as well. Take time to browse through the given pictures with care. Once you’ve covered all corners, you can go ahead and purchase your drum set!

Going to a physical store gives you the advantage of being able to get behind a drum set and see what feels right. It allows you to adjust the angles and height according to your ease as well. And gives you a live picture of what you’re about to have. Just as you look at closely at the picture while purchasing online, look closely at the set-in front of you as well in order to make sure there aren’t any damages or scratches from being displayed.

While buying a drum can be an overwhelming task, with the right guide and help, you can your first drum set in no time!