Even though there are plenty of shops that are operating purely online, nothing beats the advantages you could get when you have a physical store for your business. With a physical store, you could give a whole different shopping experience to the customers. In fact, retailers invest in a physical store for their business no matter how small the space is and gradually work from there to grow their shop through time.

If you’re still starting out and have a small store space, you need to be wise in your shop layout to make the most of every space you have. Here are some of the affordable yet effective ways to help you make the most of your retail store space.

Add an Illusion of Space

Small retail shops could take advantage of this technique. A small shop doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself too when it comes to designing it. Make your shop look more spacious by creating an illusion of space with the use of mirrors.

Wide mirrors installed on walls can make your shop look brighter since it reflects light as well as bigger, making it more appealing to customers. A minimalist design is also great for small shops since it instantly adds a touch of sophistication to your design. Opt for lighter paint colours such as whites and pastels for a spacious look.

Utilize Vertical Space

The most common problem with small retail spaces is how to showcase all the products in an effective way. Although there’s no need to display all your inventory, it is important that each product can be seen by shoppers so they have more options and you’ll have higher changes of selling those products as well. Utilizing the vertical space is a good way to maximize your display space.

Having a good shopfitting and joinery that is custom-made to suit your shop is the best way to achieve this. Aside from having more display space, your shop would also look more spacious and have a smoother flow of traffic with lesser shelves or display racks using floor space.

Maximize Floor Space

Your shop’s floor plan should be able to promote a smooth traffic flow of customers inside your shop. That way, they can move around easier and be able to find what they’re looking for easily. When using standing shelves and racks for display, you need to arrange them in a way that still gives your customers straight and clear aisles to walk around while shopping. That way, they could view your products more efficiently.

It actually depends on what business you have. For instance, if it is a grocery store, having an abundant display is an advantage since it attracts more customers than a grocery store with scarce display. However, for dress shops or cosmetic stores, having too much items in display would make your shop look overwhelming and the beauty of your products won’t shine out.

When it comes to setting up your retail space, display and layout efficiency is really an important factor for better sales.