Black forest cakes, triple chocolate cupcakes, butter croissants, chocolate chip cookies, salted caramel praline macarons – all these mouthwatering delectable treats materialize after a few minutes inside the hot oven. Although the recipes found on the internet dictate how to go about the procedures in making these, there are certain reminders that you should not forget. Actually, these reminders are not part of the recipe itself so you better keep these in mind. The following is a list of baking essentials that people, sometimes, overlook for some reason. Even though they are not stated in the recipe, it does not mean that you should forget about them. Read on and you will see how important these are in your baking endeavor.

Measuring Tools

Before you start off with baking, you should gather all your ingredients first. Make sure that you accurately follow the measurements prescribed in the recipe. Otherwise, the quality and/or taste of your end-product might suffer. To do this, you will need the appropriate measuring tools – information not explicitly stated in the recipe. The measuring tools depend on the ingredients. If it calls for cups, you should not use your everyday cup of water. Instead, use a measuring cup for wet ingredients. For dry ingredients, you could use measuring spoons if ingredients listed are in tablespoon or teaspoon units. However, if it is in grams, you should use a scale calibration Queensland, which can be more accurate than measuring spoons.  

Wooden Spoon

If the recipe procedure says ‘stir’, it is the normal reaction to get any spoon or fork within arm’s reach. However, the thing that you’re missing here is that sometimes, the batter that you are working on tends to be sticky. In these instances, the use of a metal spoon is not advisable as the batter will only stick to the metal spoon. For baking purposes, the wooden spoon is the preferred one to lessen the sticky mess.

Pastry Brush

Before placing your mixed batter in the oven, it is normal for you to grease your pan. The proper way of doing so is through pastry brush, which will enable you to easily spread the oil across all sides and corners of your pan. Although others tend to use a tissue, this is not recommended as the oil will only go to the tissue. Some even use their own fingers to spread the oil. Well, it’s not hygienic. If you do not want to use a pastry brush, you can buy a cooking spray; thus, you must only spray the oil to the pan – no other intervention required.

Rolling Pin

If you are into pie crusts, cookie doughs, or breads, the rolling pin will come in handy. It is a great way to flatten up the dough. You simply roll it over the dough, and then you’re done. However, the rolling pins have other uses. You can use it to crush your cookies or crackers. You just place these cookies and crackers in a plastic bag, then roll the rolling pin over. Voila!

Baking is such a joyous and easy task if you have the right baking essentials with you. Remember that not using these baking essentials could sacrifice your end product’s quality and taste. Make your effort worth it by employing the right baking techniques with these baking essentials.