Concrete scanning techniques has been around for many decades but with the advances in technology, it has evolved over time. Once ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology was developed, it provided a way to get better imaging of defects and embedded items in concrete structures with a high rate of accuracy.

Concrete scanning Brisbane is essential for construction, infrastructure and engineering. This gives you a way to approach concrete structure projects professionally. Safety is of utmost importance in any construction project and concrete scanning plays a big role in this as this can help identify any hidden objects in the structure before you drill or cut into this. Whereas before, there was no way to detect the depth at which these objects were embedded in the concrete which can pose a risk to the workers as they can strike electrical conduits, rebar or plumbing lines. This can cause significant injuries as well as damage to the structure. If an electrical conduit is hit accidentally, it can lead to many electrical hazards. Or if a gas or water pipe has been hit, it can lead to a gas or water leak. The construction company can also reduce the risk of liabilities by hiring concrete scanning services.

Concrete structures

Can be a significant investment and when it sustains damages during construction, it can lead to costly repairs. The client will have to bear significant financial losses. And on top of the additional cost, the project can be delayed for some time to allow time for repairs. But when you scan the concrete, the internal layout of concrete elements can be mapped out accurately which can help you make informed decisions. Concrete scanning can also detect certain issues in the concrete structure early on so that you can take steps to address them. Some of the issues detected are delaminations, voids and cracks. The construction workers can avoid weak areas of the concrete when they are drilling or cutting so that any unintentional damage can be avoided. They can depend on the detailed scans to pinpoint the locations where the concrete has to be cut, cored or drilled.

You can save a lot of time

With concrete scanning as this gives you a detailed picture of the internal concrete composition. And this allows the contractors to plan their work efficiently. There is no guesswork to be done as you have all the information in front of you. Traditionally, exploratory drilling was done to determine whether there are embedded objects and this can take a lot of time and incur additional costs. Time is money when it comes to a construction project so you will be able to save more by being able to expedite the project thanks to concrete scanning. Project efficiency will go up as the structural elements can be planned effectively which can be very useful when it comes to upgrading the structure or renovating it. When you know where existing utilities and reinforcement are, you will be able to prevent affecting the integrity of concrete. And you can also improve the precision of cutting or coring.