Fashion is an erratic thing. Seasons change, so as the craze. For example, legging pants may be trendy today, but it will be out of style the next day. Regardless of the volatile trends in the fashion industry, bear in mind that there are wardrobe staple items that you need to invest in. Closet staple items will never go out of style, and you can mix and match them without a problem. If you are a guy who wants to build his wardrobe, here is a simple list of men’s wardrobe items you may want to include in your cart the next time you go shopping. 

Button-down Shirts

Button down shirts are a great addition to your wardrobe. They come in a variety of colours, materials, and patterns. The best part about it is, you can wear them throughout the whole year. If you are kind of new to button down shirts, make sure to buy a chambray and oxford. Chambray is an ideal type of button-down shirt to wear, especially during the summer season, because it is light and air-permeable. To achieve a casual look without making your style suffer, opt for flannel.


T-shirts are a wardrobe essential as they can be worn at any time. They may look basic but you can wear them to work. Just layer it with a blazer or coat and you are good to go. When choosing the colours, go for neutrals, like black, grey, and white. For your t-shirt needs, be sure to visit Carhartt Australia as they have a nice collection of t-shirts that you can wear at any season.

A Few Sets of Underwear

The underwear is one of the most overlooked wardrobe items. Some people think it is unnecessary, but it plays an important role to alleviate the rubbing of outer clothing against your skin. Not only that, if you are a guy and you do not like wearing an underwear, know that if you wear an underwear, you will be in comfort, and you will less likely endure from crotch rot.

White Sneakers

For most men, the footwear is the most thrilling part of shopping. Have a pair of boots and white sneakers. If you are always on the go, have at least two pairs of white sneakers. It is minimalist and you can pair it with almost any get-up you have.


Whatever the season is, having a jacket in your wardrobe is important. Buy a bomber jacket and jean jacket. Bomber jackets come in a variety of fabrics, such as cotton and wool, and you can wear them in casual settings. Meanwhile, jean jackets are an ageless wardrobe staple that are here to stay forever. The biggest benefit of wearing a jean jacket is its layering ability. It is like fries – you can never have just one.

Quality Sleepwear

Sleep peacefully at night by wearing quality sleepwear that are light and breathable. Pick satin or silk in that case. Also, wearing quality sleepwear can help uplift your mood even if you are only at home.

Build your wardrobe with this list.