The tyres in your vehicle have a big impact on the performance of the car. You need to select the right size and type of tyres that are best suited for the vehicle. There are also certain signs that you can watch for that will warn you of impending trouble. It is best to know the common problems you can face with tyres so that you know what the course of action is. This will help you keep the passengers and yourself safe.

You need to make sure that the tyres have the manufacturer recommended pressure. If the tyres are overinflated, the centre tread of the tyre is more pronounces and this will be the part of the tyre that touches the ground most often. The outer edges will not make contact with the road which results in a reduced tyre area being in contact with the road surface. This leads to you having reduced tread and the tyres will wear out prematurely. The centre of the tyre will be more worn than the outside. You will need to replace tyres more often. So you should know how to tell if the tyre is over inflated. The common sign is wearing of the centre portion of the tyres. If it is too far gone and you need to replace it, make sure that you look for quality tyres. You can find cheap tyres that are still up to standards. Make sure all specifications you are looking for are fulfilled.                

Just like over inflation, under inflation is also bad. When the tyre pressure is lower than what is recommended, your braking distance will increase which can endanger pedestrians and other vehicles. The reactions of the vehicle will not be precise and you are facing a higher chance of punctures as more of the tyre is making contact with the road. It also increases the chances of a tyre blowout. The tyres have a higher chance of getting damaged by impact if they are over or under inflated. You need to consider the load and weight of the vehicle when selecting a tyre pressure. You can find the recommended value by looking in the driver’s handbook. You can also get a second opinion from a reliable mechanic.

When you see cracks in the tyre, this means the polymers that make up the outer rubber are breaking down. Most of the time, this can be due to extreme heat. The polymers will contract when it is cold outside and expand in the heat. When this happens frequently, it weakens the bonds between the molecules of the polymer. However, you will not be able to find a shade to park your car in most of the time. So it can be difficult to prevent this from happening. Age of tyres can also cause the weakening of the polymer but this will be more of a natural process. This will happen even with a car that hasn’t been driven around in a while. When a tyre has experienced damage, you can see bulges in the tyre. You may have hit a curb or pothole that caused damage to the inner structure of the tyre. If the sidewall of the tyre is damaged, you will not be able to repair the tyre.