Planning a nursery for you upcoming bundle of joy requires a lot of planning and wise shopping. As parents-to-be, there are so many things that you need to prepare to welcome your baby into the world – from clothes, feeding items, baby furniture, and many more.

If you’ve already set a nursery room in your home, you have already taken a step into preparing your home for your little one. Before the big day, you need to get that space ready and functional as well as comfortable not just for baby but also for you and your partner. Shopping for a baby nursery can be overwhelming, with so many products available on baby shops. However, there are some essentials that you would surely help your new life as a parent a lot easier.


Your baby will spend most of his first few days sleeping a lot that’s why you’ll need a comfy bed where he could get that precious rest. In most nurseries, the crib serves as the focal point of all the décor. Choose quality and durable cribs to help keep your baby safe during sleep. There are also plenty of styles and sizes to choose from depending on your preferences and needs.

Diaper Changing Table

Babies have a lot of diaper changes in a day and having a diaper changing table at the nursery room makes this task more convenient for parents. Choose one that is sturdy and could support the weight of your baby as he grows. It’s also a great choice to have a changing table with shelves or drawers under it to keep baby’s things organized. Aside from having a safe spot to change diapers, you also have some extra storage space to keep baby items.

Play Area

As your baby grows, he will become more active during the day and needs to have a safe place to play and explore his surroundings. Setting a play area in the nursery is not too early since you could also use this during the first few months for baby’s tummy time. Be sure to lay out comfortable baby play mats on the space before putting baby on it. Don’t forget to have newborn toys around such as rattles, cloth books, stuffed animals, and many more.

Mom Zone

Aside from all the spaces dedicated to your baby, you also need to have a comfy spot in the nursery where you could feed your little one. Pick a corner in the nursery and place a rocking chair or a comfy seat on it. Don’t forget to have a small side table nearby filled with everything you need – from healthy snacks, water, some books, music player, and other things that will make you feel comfortable while you sit for a long time and feed baby. Don’t forget to have a nightlight nearby for those late-night feedings.

You could still add other things in the nursery depending on which ones you think you’ll need. When your baby comes, your nursery will surely be functional and comfy for both you and your little one.