So the bell has rung and a day at school is now over. Children usually tend to go home at this time and some tend to do afterschool activities while others just laze around. By paying a little bit of extra attention we can make sure that the time spent after school is productive. So let’s look at things that children can do.

Hire Professionals

Now if you are working parent chances are that it’s tough for you to pay attention to what your child does with his free time after school. There are a lot of Before And After School Care Companies in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold coast, Sydney that specialize in taking care of your children’s homework, games, and exercising that helps your child overall. Also the child gets to socialize with other children which helps his social skills as well.

Recycle Objects

Whether it’s the leftover cereal box or stacks and stacks of paper, you can get your child to make use of those. For example the cereal box can be used to make a mask or the colourful pictures can be used in books. This will help the child understand the world that we live in and the importance of recycling which quite honestly is lacking nowadays.


This may vary depending on your child’s preference it could be football or basketball. Whatever it is make sure that the child is getting some sort of work out in. It’s crucial that the child learns the importance of health from an early stage of life because as he grows older these will develop into habits.


Okay I know this may not be the fun part but it is something that has to be addressed. Your child most likely will have some homework to do so once he is done with his play its time to sit down and hit the books. Fun fact – Children do not like homework (obviously). So it’s best to stimulate them by promising them a treat once they are done. This could be an extra hour of Television or cake.

Do Something Nice

This is one of my favourites which I think not just the children but also we adults can use. In today’sfast-paced world we are just living for ourselves and rarely take time to see how the next person, plant or animal is doing. By asking the child to do something nice that is helping a friend, planting a tree, feeding a stray cat we teach the child how to care for the surroundings. Something which we all lack nowadays.


This might be a tough one to do one a daily basis but on weekends its great fun to get your kids in to help you cook. Teach them to cut vegetables, how to make a dough, bake a cake etc.  This activity is awesome because it not only helps you bond with your child but also teaches your child an essential skill at a very early age. This way they become independent must faster.

Out of the 24 hours in a day children tend to spend only 8 hours out of it in school. So by using the rest of their time wisely we can be sure that the children are being productive and doing something useful during their free time after school.