If you are someone who detests the cold then winter can really get your spirits down. Its dark gloomy and all you want to do is curl up on your couch with a mug of hot chocolate in your hands. However, there are days you also need to go out or at least meet up with friends and take your mind off the cold. So, what are some fun group activities you can host during winter? Here are a list of low cost and low effort ideas to host at your home to ensure everyone has a good time.

Host a game

Whether you are a sports fan or just watch for entertainment a good game is a good enough reason to bring together a group of friends. A fun activity would be to host a game at your house. All you need for this is a large television or the possibility to project the game on a large wall.

Snacks including chips and finger food are easy to find and require almost no effort. This is likely to keep everyone happy for the entire game. Kick back in the comfort of your own home and enjoy a good game in warm and comfortable surroundings.

Host dinner parties

Hosting dinner parties are a great way to enjoy a little quality time with those closed to you. If you have an outdoor space, a fireplace and candles you can still dine outside in the winter as long as you are shielded from the wind. If you like cooking or entertaining this can be a great time to be occupied and cook up a storm. 

Go ice fishing

While this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is something to try out at least once. We suggest going withsomeone who well versed in ice fishing as it can be much more challenging compared to ordinary fishing. This could be difficult but can also be a fun, once in a lifetime experience to try out. Be sure to wear the right clothes so you stay warm and away from the wind while you are outdoors.

Go ice skating

A little less complicated but equally fun as ice fishing is ice skating. During winter there are plenty of ice rings that you can visit with a group of friends. If it is your first time get ready to have a few slips and slides. However, it does get easier the more you get a hang of it. This can be a fun activity and you also learn a new skill so why not?

Bonfire and garden camping

Camping in the winter is not for the faint hearted however it can be a little more tolerable when you know you can run back indoors once you’ve had enough. A bonfire is a great time to exchange stories and enjoying quality time with friends and family. With the exception of having couches and food safely inside your house.