On a legal aspect it is easy to objectively discuss divorce and separation. On the idea of practicality, it is quite easy to dissect on which points in a couple’s life where they failed, or where the fault lies, but then again it is still an event in which people are involved and that causes the whole phenomena of processing divorce to be complicated and emotionally driven at times.

Because it is not simply just a miscommunication that two people who chose to be together and made a vow of the sanctity of marriage to be together and yet along the way things got messy and chaos became out of control that it led to where it is at the moment. But between these lines of legal argumentation and technicality in the processing, there are heavy issues that needs to be shed light on when it comes to divorce and seraprati0on. This list is not complete but these are just some of the heaviest issues that surrounds the process of divorce.

Property Settlement

One of the bonds that ties a couple or a family together is the idea of having to own properties together, these are what called, conjugal properties is. But this concept easily becomes sour when it come to the phenomena of divorce. The main concern would be that when a property cannot be equally divided, what they actually do is they tend to liquidate the said property before it can be divided. This process is not only costly but also painful for those who are involved, to have to let go of a certain property that you voluntarily worked together to earn and utilize.

Emotional Burden

Another big issue surround it is the emotional burden and the trauma that each of the parties involved are going through with the whole process, because it is not only a legal process but also a psychological process of ending a once happy and healthy relationship. The burden and also the guild that some appear to bear when they keep the blame to themselves for having to have caused the said divorce. It would not be easy for everyone to go through it, because while processing the divorce everyone must have to live with the whole negative emotional response, it could be an extremely stressful event.

Financial Aspect

The whole process is very costly, not to mention the lawyer’s fee and all other fees and legal counsel professional fee that must be paid. Another aspect of the financial problem is that one has to start all over again with only a meagre of what they started with in the first place. This is one of the most tragic parts of the divorce process. Spousal maintenance Victoria are one of the best lawyers who help through the important aspects of divorce especially financial support and obligation.


One of the most contested process of filliping petition for divorce is the custody of the children involved. They are the one who are truly devastated by it because they are affected yet they cannot voice out their pain and concern because they felt that it is out of their business to argument with their parent’s relationship problems.

In the bigger picture everything will be good and turn out to be fine in the long run, but it must be handled with care as to not cause any permanent emotional damage to the people involved.