The ambience of your wedding is largely created by the venue and the décor elements chosen. When you are hiring wedding décor, you need to assess the quality of these elements so that the overall elegance of the celebration is maintained.

When assessing quality, you have to consider the materials used for the décor options.

Look at the finishes and fabrics of the pieces and how they are constructed. You need to choose materials that align with your aesthetic expectations. But make sure that these have a sense of durability as well. The quality of the décor element will be highly affected by the materials used. For example, the right glass flutes should be chosen for a champagne tower for wedding or the right table linens and tableware should be selected so that their material quality is apparent. You will need to visit the décor rental company to get an idea of what their décor pieces are and whether they have any signs of wear and tear. Many of these rental companies will have websites that will help you in choosing the décor elements you need but you have to make sure that the actual thing resembles the picture on the website. When assessing for wear and tear, you need to check whether there is chipped paint, frayed edges, stains etc. Make sure you let the décor rental company know that you need to inspect the items beforehand. Some companies will agree to this and this will give you some peace of mind as you have already seen what you will get.

The craftsmanship of the décor elements has to be evaluated.

The seams, details and overall construction of the items like custom signage, candle holders, table centrepieces should be evaluated. It can be quite easy to spot items that are not crafted properly and this will affect the ambience of your wedding venue. Florals are a big part of wedding décor and you need to consider their freshness and whether they have a vibrant appearance. If you have wilted flowers in your wedding, it can affect the overall ambience and the photos will not be up to your vision. This is not something you can check beforehand but researching the florist carefully and reading customer reviews can give you a good idea of this. But if you are renting artificial flowers, you can absolutely ask the vendor whether it is okay to visit and check them out.

Glassware and tableware have to be examined.

You need to look for polished surfaces, clean lines and whether the sets are uniform. If the tableware is maintained properly, this will enhance the dining atmosphere. The overall elegance of your wedding will be enhanced. The lighting equipment should also be assessed. You may be using fairy lights and also the lighting at the venue such as chandeliers. You need to check whether all the bulbs are in working order. For this, there has to be a test very close to the wedding day so that you have a good idea that none of the lighting elements are damaged.