Melbourne enjoys warm summers, refreshing springs, mild autumns and crisp winters.  It experiences hot summers from December to February, cool autumns from March to May, chilly winters from June to August and warm springs from September to November.  Its hot summer temperature ranges from 9.5oC to 11.7oC.  Summer in Melbourne comes with a little humidity except at the end of hot spells following thunderstorms and rain.

Handling the scorching summer with cool is quite a challenge for Australians.  In this piece, we have put together some useful tips that will help you to stay cool and have a sublime summer in Melbourne.

Helpful Tips to Beat the Heat!

1.      Take Precautions

  • During Sun’s peak hours at midday, stay indoors and avoid strenuous activity
  • Apply wet towels on your body, especially on your neck, face, shoulders and underarms as well as keep your feet in cool water
  • Take frequent showers
  • If you have to be out in the sun, wear sunscreen (at least SPF 30+), a hat and lightweight, light-coloured and loose-fitting clothing that covers your body as much as possible

2.      Stay Hydrated

  • Carry a water bottle with you and drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Refill your water bottles at any one of the 60 hydration stations on key sites
  • Find nearby water station locations using online drinking fountains map or smartphone app

3.      Keep Your Home Cool

4.      Seek Out Cool Venues

  • If it is too hot where you live, consider going to one of the cool venues around you in search of snow, ice, water or super-strong air-conditioning to escape the unbearable heat.  Some of the cool venues around Melbourne are as follows;
  • If you are in need of a flash of icy air, spend an afternoon ice-skating at the thrillingly frosty Olympic Ice-Skating Centre in Oakleigh South where the air temperature is around 10oC
  • If you fancy some snow play, take the gaggle of bored and restless kids to an ice fun session at Medibank Icehouse in the Docklands with an air temperature of 16oC
  • Do you want plenty of activities to occupy children in air-conditioned comfort, visit the Melbourne Museum which enjoys an air temperature of 22oC
  • For recreation in air-conditioned comfort, however, Science works could be a better deal.   Free entry for kids while adults pays only AUS $ 12, free parking, option to bring your own food etc. makes this venue the most budget-friendly.
  • If your toddlers wish to engage in water play, the best venues would be Werribee Open Range Zoo water play areas and the Plum Garland Memorial Playground at Albert Park beach.
  • Older kids will love the Riverwalk Water Play in Werribee and Seville Water Play Park.
  • Teenagers would prefer Adventure Park Geelong or Fun fields at Whittlesea which are full of water rides and water slides.

5.      Care for Others

  • Check on your family, friends and neighbours.
  • Do not leave kids in cars.
  • Ensure your pets have access to cool spaces and plenty of water.
  • Reach the Heatwave Response Plan to get free pool passes, movie tickets for people who sleep rough