Choosing a wedding view can be a difficult task as there are so many places to choose from. But in this article, we are focusing on waterfront weddings and how you can arrange decoration. When there is a natural view or backdrop, there is a different way of looking at decoration.

You have to embrace

The natural beauty of the surroundings as this will give a unique ambience to your event. Whether this is an ocean, river, lake or even a harbour, you need to focus on this view. Most of the time when you have a natural view like a waterfront, it is good to take a minimalistic approach as this will highlight the view. You can use simple decorations that bring a sense of elegance to the event. And this can create a classic theme for your wedding. You need to think about how to create décor to complement the scenery instead of overpowering it. When having a Sydney wedding you need to think about the colour palette for the event as well. You need to visit the venue at the time you are planning to have the event so that you can get an idea of which colours will complement the setting. When you choose a waterfront venue, think about what kind of a colour palette will reflect the serenity and calmness of the view.

Soft colours or pastel shades such as blues and greens will match the setting very well.

This will complement the natural environment of the waterfront easily. Along with soft pastels, by choosing the right lighting intensity you can create a romantic atmosphere. But you don’t have to choose neutrals or a soft colour palette throughout as this will not create interest. To do this, you can have pops of colour through floral arrangements or accessories. For example, these pops of colour can be in the centrepieces and in the bouquets of the bride and bridesmaids. You can also have little decorative elements spread throughout the venue for these pops of drama. Consider how you set up the ceremony as well. You need to think of a way to maximise the impact of the view. One way you can do this is by having the ceremony overlooking the view with chairs arranged around it in a semi-circle.         

If you are having an arch for the ceremony, try to focus on the simplicity of the design.

For example, the arch can have flowing fabric or natural greenery or flowers. This elegance can flow into the reception décor as well with simple centrepieces that don’t compete for the focus with the waterfront view. To further emphasise the view, you can add driftwood, sea glass or shells to the centrepiece. The table linens you choose can also be simple with textures that give a flowing sense such as satin or chiffon. Consider lighting as well to improve the ambience of the view. This can be achieved by string lights, candles and lanterns that give a soft glow to the venue. But for areas where you need to highlight such as the ceremonial arch, trees, water or architectural elements of the building, you can choose spotlights or up-lights.