Your living room is your haven away from the worries of life!  Therefore, it should be a beautiful room, a delightful room and the most comfortable room in your home!  You spend a lot of your time in the living room, entertaining friends and living a life with your wider family. 

Arguably, the most important room of the house, when it comes to decorating, is the living room because that is where your friends and family get a feel of your taste and feelings.  As such, it is you who need to make decisions about its layout and décor.  In this piece, we hope to help you understand some important aspects of furnishing and decorating the living room of your small apartment.

How To Choose Furniture For A Small Living Room?


A high-toned look to your small living room can be achieved through many clever choices, armless sofas being one of them.  However, they are not especially comfortable.  Since a sofa may last around 10 years and the size of your living room may change, it is wise to choose a sofa that is comfortable.  Find durable and cheap sofas online, at discount sales or even at a second-hand furniture sale.

Accent Chairs: 

Avoid anything that looks heavy, bulky and dark.  Armless chairs are a good choice.  Overstuffed chairs and shabby covers will try to overpower a small living room.

Sectional Sofa: 

A large sofa that is separated into several sections so that they can be fitted in a way to suit the room.  This is a good choice for a small living room as you can adjust the length or the shape (long or L shape) of it. 

Coffee Table: 

Choose one that is transparent, made in acrylic or glass for a centre coffee table.  This gives the small room the illusion of more space.


Extra seating is provided by an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table

Side Table: 

A small side table is a suitable place for appropriate lighting or a drink or both.

Shelving Unit: 

A sizeable shelving unit is your ultimate solution for storage as well as display in the living room.  Lined against the wall, a shelving unit can provide storage space for the Television and digital devices as well as a few books, photographs and selected simple ornaments.

How To Choose Accessories For Your Living Room?

Accessories of a living room can make a statement about the room, whether it is modern, contemporary, antique or themed.


Ideally, the rug should be underneath all four legs of every furniture.  If you’ve got a smaller rug, make sure that at least the front legs of the furniture are on it. 

Throw Pillows: 

As great decorative accents, throw pillows make a big impact on the overall look of your living room.  Do not hesitate to use colours and patterns on the pillows.


Hang artwork at eye-level.  When it comes to artwork, it is better to hang it lower rather than higher.  Do not crowd artwork on your walls.


A mirror is a great idea to cover an empty-looking wall.  Add a long mirror to a narrow wall space and a larger rectangular mirror to a wide space of wall.  Alternatively three or four small decorative square mirrors can be hanged across the wall space.