They say the reality of life starts to set in once you graduate and go out to get yourself a job. This is the first step towards your independence and your means to make yourself financially stable and strong.

However, getting the job is not as easy as it seems. With the competition getting tighter nowadays, the sure fire way to land yourself a good employer is to get them captivated from the very first glance by means of giving out the best first impression possible. Well, all jobs start with an interview, and this is exactly the venue where you need to make sure that you get your prospective employer awestruck with your skills and attributes.

Writing a captivating and impressive résumé is not enough. Once you are called for an interview, you must also plan what you are going to wear and how you are going to look. Looking your best when attending an interview can be achieved using the following tips:

Give Your Employer A Good Impression

In planning your look for the interview, make sure you know what kind of personality you would like your prospective employer will assume of you. If you are going for a more formal and corporate job such as finance-related positions, then you might want to consider wearing your best corporate outfit with lesser loud colours which would mean you can only wear either black, white, brown or grey tones. Look like the expert you want them to know you are. If you are applying for a marketing or sales position which would require a more outgoing personality, you may want to add a bit of colour to your earth-toned ensemble. This is to show a hint of your outgoing personality that is fit for the job you are being interviewed for.

Keep Your Clothes Comfortable

Being in an interview is a naturally stressful situation. And your clothes should not add up to this stress at all. When going to a series of interviews within the day, make sure that you are wearing the most comfortable corporate attire you have. You can try wearing silk blouses underneath your jacket just to add comfort and convenience to your long day of questions and answers. Refrain from wearing ill-fitted clothing as this will not only feel uncomfortable, it will also definitely not look good if you wear too loose or too tight clothes.

Shoes Are Important

For some interviewers, the first part of a person that they take notice of is not actually their clothes but the shoes they are wearing. In attending interviews, you do not have to wear a new pair of shoes. The important tip when it comes to footwear is knowing the appropriate pair to wear and making sure they are clean and presentable. For the gentlemen, ensure that your socks are the same colour as your pants and that they are high enough to not show any skin. For the ladies, wearing high heels can be a good way to improve your posture and the way you walk. But keep in mind that comfort is also an important consideration when choosing what shoes to wear.

Acing an interview is partly how you look and partly how you walk and talk. Be truthful when you answer and make good use of the time given to you to highlight your skills and talents that would definitely contribute something good to the company. With this attitude and impeccable looks to match, there is no other way for you but to get hired.