When we think corporate event we think swanky cocktail parties, everyone dressed in their best clothes making connections and advertising themselves and their business. It could even be a conference, workshop or a training session. Whatever it is corporate events are aimed to impress and everything has to be executed perfectly.

However unknown to you there has been someone or a group of people who have been the backbone of the event. The planning and execution team who have put together everything around you with such precision. Planning a corporate event is not easy, there are loads of technicalities that have to be planned and rules to adhere by. Therefore, if you have ever had the opportunity to plan a corporate event and are feeling a little lost this guide is for you.

What is the purpose?

Each event has a different purpose, are you doing for the benefit of the company or those attending. What type of event is it and what are the basic requirements you need to meet? A company anniversary celebration, fundraiser, cocktail party or an Annual General Meeting whatever the event is it is important to select on the basics such as location, who is it catered to and what is the goal in mind.

Laying down a budget

Businesses very rarely have money to throw around and even if they do, we all know how money conscious people and companies are getting. Therefore, once the purpose of the event has been decided it is now time to write a budget of how much you or the company have planned to spend for it.

This is where research will take place; the only way to make a realistic budget is to get quotations from various suppliers. The venue supplier will have to give you, their cost. Similarly, you will need a caterer. So,if you are looking for corporate catering in Melbourne, you need to carry out sufficient research on the suppliers.

Planning the day of the event

This is probably the most tedious part of the event. Once you have made bookings you will need to attend to your guest list. Sending out invitations and securing places, coordinating with speakers, deco team or any other stakeholder of your event.

There are bound to be mess-ups and technicalities so be ready for that. It is important to set down a schedule and have a list of tasks with you at all times so you can be sure of what has been completed and what is yet to do. The days leading up to the event are going to be stressful so you are advised to be prepare for any challenge.

Running smoothly

The day of execution has finally come and you have to be on top of all tasks. Coordination between the relevant suppliers, making sure guests are seated accordingly and the food is up to the necessary standard. Once all of that is done enjoy seeing your hard work pay off.