The plumbing system of your home is one of the most essential yet often overlooked parts. There are times that plumbing problems go unnoticed until it has blown up into something more obvious. Plumbing problems vary from minor, inexpensive ones to major issues that are costly to repair. Here are some of the most common plumbing problems and how to deal with them.

Sewer Backup

Sewer backup is probably the worst plumbing problem anyone could experience. One of the most obvious sign of sewer backup is bad smell in the bathroom. You may also notice that some of your toilets or drains aren’t working that well unlike before. Fixing this problem requires a lot of effort and time. Finding where the blockage is located is the initial step in solving this problem. Finding the problematic spot is a difficult task and it is better to hire a professional licensed plumber in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne to find and fix this issue efficiently.

Dripping Faucet

This is one of the most common problems almost every homeowner has experienced. Dripping faucets can be caused by worn out, damaged or dislodged washer in the faucet. This problem isn’t that bothering, however, it could increase your water bill when left unfixed. When you have the essential tools needed, this problem can be fixed by an average homeowner.

Slow Draining Sinks and Drains

A slow draining sink and drain is usually cause by accumulated grease, food stuff, hair and soap. These things can’t pass smoothly through the pipes so they just stay inside and harden causing clogs later on. There are plenty of ways to solve this problem. You may use a plunger to clear up the clog or you may use a plumber’s snake. Another easy way is to pour a chemical clog remover down the drain to dissolve the clog. Putting a drain guard over the drain helps a lot in catching hair and food stuffs to prevent clogging.

Running Toilet

Just like dripping faucets, a running toilet could definitely add up to your water bill. Usually, the cause of this problem is the valve that controls the water from flowing into the bowl. If you notice that your water bill has increased dramatically, it’s time to check for silent leaks. It is easy to fix this when you have the right tools and parts that is needed to repair it.

Low Water Pressure

This problem can be easily noticed. When the water coming from the faucet trickles and seems slower than before, this is a tell-tale sign of low water pressure. It can be caused by several factors such as leaking pipes, sediment build up, worn out pipes and many more. Call a plumber to fix this kind of issue before it gets worse.

Plumbing problems is a normal part of every home. When something is wrong, be sure to deal with it immediately to avoid expensive repairs and bigger damage. Some of them can be done by yourself while the more complex ones needs an expert to handle them.