Reptiles are one of the most popular options if you’re looking for a unique or exotic pet. The most common choice are snakes and lizards but there are still other more reptile pets to choose from. Although there are so many snake and lizard species in the planet, they share a lot of common elements that keep them happy and healthy in their environment. If you have a pet snake or lizard, you need to provide them with a terrarium that has all those essential factors to make them thrive and stay healthy.

Here are the must-have accessories that would help you replicate the suitable environmental conditions for your pet snake or lizard.


The bedding refers to the ground of your terrarium. Different reptiles live in different kinds of terrains. For instance, if you have a pet lizard that is usually found in the desert or sandy habitat, you’ll need a sand bedding or something that resembles it. You also need to change their bedding regularly to avoid bacteria build-up and for hygienic purposes as well.

Heating Pads

Heat is essential to keep any reptile comfortable and healthy. To provide your pet with warm and comfortable flooring on their terrarium, you need to install some heating pads. Look for heating pads that are waterproof and has an adjustable heat output so you can change the temperature based on what your pet prefers.


Aside from in-ground heating, you also need to provide a good lighting source for your reptile pet. Retiles need light to help them in their bodily functions such as producing and synthesizing vitamin D3. You need to find the right light that provides just the right amount of heat and UV just like this reptile heat lamp to keep them healthy. You also need to follow a 12-hour cycle of light and darkness so your pet will get just the right amount of light exposure that they need.


Although reptiles love light and heat, they also need some time to cool down to regulate their body temperature. They also need a shaded part in their terrarium where they could cool down if they are feeling too warm.

There are plenty of structures you could add to your terrarium that would serve as a shade to your reptile pet such as rocks, logs, and other small structures. Don’t forget to install thermometers in the terrarium so you can monitor the temperature and know the most comfortable setting for your pet.


Since your pet would most likely spend most of its time inside its cage, you need to give it some entertainment so it doesn’t get bored. All those shade structures serve as an additional entertainment to your pet but you should also add more stuff such as ladders, hammocks, and other toys made for reptile pets to keep them happy and preoccupied.

With all those accessories, you can surely provide a comfortable habitat or terrarium for your beloved snake or lizard pet.