Basically, not everyone has tried to use sex toys in the bedroom. Some people aren’t open with the idea yet while others simply just don’t know how to start using them. If you’re planning to incorporate sex toys into the bedroom, it is best to discuss it first with your partner to know your preferences. Adult toys are designed to make sex more enjoyable and pleasurable – it would be a waste if you haven’t tried it yet.

If you haven’t tried them yet, have fun with these toys from Funtasia perfect for first-timers and even experienced ones.

Rabbit Vibrator

This type is one of the basic toys every woman must have in her bedroom arsenal. A rabbit vibrator is designed to provide penetration and clitoral stimulation at both times. You’ll definitely feel so much pleasure while using this one. There are lots of speed variations to choose from so you’ll definitely find which one feels the best for you. Rabbit vibrators are a perfect choice for solo play or even as an accessory while doing it with your partner.

Bullet Vibe

It may look a little bit simple but this type of vibrator is one of the best ones you can start experimenting with. Aside from having speed options, you can also choose to have pulsing sensations or not depending on which feels good for you. Be sure to choose ones made from silicone or other waterproof materials for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Cock Ring

If your partner is into the idea of trying out sex toys, a vibrating cock ring is one of the best first toys you can try with each other. Slip it on to your partner’s penis to add more spice into your already pleasurable sex. The cock ring makes him harder and longer to finish, giving both of you more time to enjoy the pleasure. Experiment on different positions to see which one give much pleasure and stimulation to the clit.

BDSM Accessories

If you’re into trying more kinky sex, then why not try some BDSM accessories to spice things up? You can start simple by using a blindfold while making love with your partner. This takes away the sense of sight, making all the other senses stronger for a wilder sex. If you and your partner want something more, then try a spanking paddle or a feather tickler to give more sensation during foreplay.

You can use it to tease each other light or hard, whichever you prefer. A pair of restraints is also a good addition to your collection. For starters, it is safer to go for soft cuffs rather than ropes. Padded cuffs are easy to use, adjustable and won’t cause bruising on the wrists unlike other kinds of restraints.

Exploring your body is one step in learning more which gives you the most pleasure. Use these toys to discover more about your sexy self and bring out the best sex you and your partner could ever have.