Weddings are one of the most special events in everyone’s life. It is one of the most special moments not because of the place or the price or the cost of the event but because it is the moment in the story of two people where they vow to commit to each other, it is the moment in their story that two has voluntarily subjected themselves to become one. Some people take it to some extent to choose a special date and pick a special place for that extra special day. Here are some of the ideas on the type of wedding you can have to make it extra memorable.

Beach Wedding

The couple can choose to make the wedding extra scenic with a beach wedding. This type of wedding is mostly done by the beach, where the couple and the visitors follow a more relaxed clothing and barefoot on the sand. These types of weddings are actually symbolic of how their commitment and love for each other are never ending like the waves in the ocean. It is also a conservative wedding since mostly a few of the closest friends and relatives are invited.

Garden Wedding

Garden weddings are trending today since the pandemic struck and most of the large gatherings are prohibited, many of the couples opted to have their wedding in a garden setting, where a few of the closest friends and family members are invited and the reception is also done on the same venue. Garden wedding symbolizes a commune with nature, and the green scenery signifies the flourishing love and the fruitful life of the couple together.

Classic Wedding

Classic weddings are one of the most common yet still one of the most controlled in terms of the factors around the wedding. Since mostly celebrated on indoor venues, classical weddings are preferred by many since even if the weather is bad or whatever factors may not go according to plan, the couple still have the chance to have a memorable moment. Venues such as Mildura function room are one of the most preferred places when it comes to these types of weddings.

Church Wedding

The most notable yet most costly of all types are church weddings. Although no one can blame the bride and the groom for the luxury of the cost in terms of preparation and reception, it still is one of the costliest among many weddings.

It is also been noted to have the status quo of the rich and the famous to prepare for their wedding in church venues. Church venues also play the scared role of sanctity of the marriage between two people. The perceived blessing of having to be wed in a church adds more feeling of commitment between the couple.

Outback Wedding

Lastly, one of the most unique is the outback wedding. These types of weddings are mostly done in wild Australian outback theme with the visitors who are attending are most likely dressed in semi-formal attire as reflection to the atmosphere of the wedding. It is notable very festive and full of surprises.

If one has to choose on what type of wedding to prepare for, they must go for that which they are very accustomed and comfortable with.