Is there an important event coming up in your calendar? You want to make it unforgettable, so what are you planning to do? Here’s a refreshing idea: let’s take it outdoors.

There’s nothing more relaxing than being among the flora and fauna of Mother Nature. To smell the fresh air, see the beauty of the trees and get away from the hectic sounds of the city. People are so motivated by the outdoor environment that they find new energy in themselves and in others. A special class or team building event will be very successful and productive if done in such settings.

Even an awards day or graduation can be arranged in an open air venue. Not to mention the beautiful and memorable weddings and birthdays that have filled us with memories through the years.

In all the above situations, we need to keep one thing in mind. That we have taken our guests and friends out of doors, away from the modern facilities, into the arms or boughs of nature. Considering their comforts and needs becomes our responsibility, period. So what makes an outdoor event really successfully and memorable?

Comfortable Seating and Accommodation

The invitees are going to be out for the whole event, so make sure they are comfortable. Don’t forget to make some arrangements to assist anyone who is disabled and need assistance. It is also convenient to allocate a small space as a kids area, if any are going to be present.

Food and Drink

Take into consideration all types of diets vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Also remember anyone who may have any allergies. Make sure there is a good supply of water and beverages, especially during summer. Have enough tissues, plates and water available for washing up.

Restroom and Toilets

This is the most important facility to consider, especially if there are children or elders. This is not a problem anymore due to the wide availability of portable toilets. There are numerous companies out there if you want to hire portable toilets in Melbourne. Just make sure you reserve their services in advance and everything sanitation-wise will be taken care of.

First Aid

Always be prepared for the unexpected or any medical emergencies. This is important as everyone is outdoors and there is a high probability of any injuries.

Charging Station

Considering how humans are now joined to their phones by the waist (just kidding!) it will be very useful to have a charging station on site, in case anybody needs a little charging up.

Insect Repellents

There are sure to be many insects out there as it is their home we are invading. So be prepared with insecticides. You don’t want your guests to be swatting flies or mosquitoes, so burn something natural, like citronella candles, which will keep away these insects.


Sometimes gatherings can be the target of petty thieves so make sure you have someone on security detail, who will be in charge of any bags or coats. If there’s a big crowd, then give them a pass or ask them to bring their invitations as entrance passes.

Clean Up

Just as it was important to have everything arranged beforehand, it is vital to make sure you leave the area just as it was before. After the event is over, all litter must be removed and the place should be cleared. You can easily assign a group for cleaning up or high a professional service in the area.