Prints are making a comeback in the fashion world and in a big way, so its high time to discuss how prints can make and break looks. The right print with the right kind of everything else to match will create a fashion statement and the wrong print with wrong accessories will make for a fashion disaster. Either way, prints will turn heads. So if you are a lover of prints and want to know how the prints you choose will affect your overall look, here are some great ideas that you can make use of when shopping for printed clothing.

Prints That Bring Out Your Fearless Side

If you are completely fearless when it comes to your fashion and you want to make sure that you set the trend with your fashion sense bold and sophisticated prints are just the right thing for you. We are talking brazen colours like fuchsia, greens, blue and even blacks and golds if you feel they will work. Think African ethnic prints if you like that look and feel. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours when it comes to your complete look. For example, you could pair a gold and black print outfit with ruby red stilettoes and look completely sensational with a similar red clutch and lip colour. You can pair up black and white looks with a pastel shade of green or blue footwear, and the lip colour or eyeshadow and a handbag to match. Get the idea yet? Go all out and be experimental. Choose big bold prints in place of soft subtle ones. Carry your look with confidence.

Business But with A Little Bit Of Fun

Your business attire is very important. It has to be professional for the workplace but on some days like Friday for example, if you are required to wear something smart casual, where do you go? What kind of attire would count in that category? Well for starters you can choose denim or linen pants coupled with a soft print that resembles a black and white starry starry night. Or you could choose a plain jacket over an Aztec print t-shirt and fitted pants. You are combining the look of being all business but also mixing in just the right amount of fun in there. Similarly, experiment with different looks. Just make sure that either your top or the pants or skirt looks like business attire and balance out that effect with something as relaxed as the other half.

Bringing the Cuteness Back

Want to look cute and fun and full of spirit? Then go ahead and start experimenting. From boho bandannas to long flowing maxi dresses, little printed flared short skirts and flower prints or doodle prints you have a world of prints to choose from. Go for pastel or vibrant shades as much as possible and colour up your wardrobe. Mix pink and blue together, red and green, beige and purple or yellow and green. Go out of your colour comfort zone and mix and match the colours on prints that suit your skin the most.