Travelling is one of the most popular hobbies of people across the globe. Whether it is travelling within the country or exploring a new one, nothing beats the rich experience one could get during a trip. There are plenty of things you could explore – different cultures, cuisines, traditions, and even meet diverse individuals. People travel due to a variety of reasons. Some do it for business purposes while others do it to relax and take a break from their hectic lives.

No matter what reason you have, it is important to have a travel journal to document your trip. A travel journal contains written descriptions of the places you’ve seen and visited, your itinerary, photos, videos, and anything related to your trip. People who travel a lot usually have a travel journal to document their adventures. If you’re thinking of starting a travel journal, here are the best reasons why you should have one.

Make the Memories Last

One of the basic reasons for writing a travel journal is to make the memories of your trip last. Through time, there might be some details in your travel that could be forgotten. With a travel journal, you could reread and remember all the experiences you had during the trip even after so many years have passed. You’ll get to remember all the things you did and the places you’ve visited especially when you have photos as a reminder of it all. If you’re planning to start your journal, you could actually buy travel journals books online to take on your first trip.

Experience and Discover New Things

Travelling gives a fresh new experience for the traveller. Whether you’re visiting a new place or simply revisiting a place you love, it helps you gain new experiences and discover new things you’ve never had before. With a travel journal, you could write all about those things and experiences you’ve had during the trip. Aside from that, writing in a travel journal helps one reflect on their new experiences and write their insights about it. That way, you could always remember and rethink everything you’ve had during the trip.

Share Your Travel Experiences

Having a travel journal helps a lot in sharing your experiences with others. If someone asks you about travel tips to the places you’ve been before, you could easily remember and share the experiences you had by looking again at your travel journal. If you have a travel buddy, you could also share the task of documenting by making the travel journal together.

With this, you’ll get more inspired and committed in documenting the whole experience you’ve had in the trip plus gain more insight about how your travel buddy sees the trip as well. It is definitely a great bonding activity that would make you and your travel companion closer to each other.

With all those reasons, writing a travel journal is really essential in every trip you’ll have.