The value of education today goes beyond academic achievements and it worksto empower students to be successful in their personal and work life. This foundation is provided by the school and some of the skills they will learn to thrive in the community and in their relationships are emotional intelligence, teamwork, problem-solving and creative thinking. They are called soft skills and in this article, we will look at how schools can nurture these skills.

Teamwork is an important skill that students should learn so that they understand how to interact in collaborative environments. Some of the activities the students will get to participate in Catholic secondary schools Brisbane to improve their teamwork skills are discussions, extracurricular activities and group projects. For example, your child may play on a sports team or be part of a dance troupe or performance troupe. And this will teach them to be part of a team and how they are able to contribute to the success of the team. They will learn how to pursue a common goal together and how to respect the perspectives of different students. And this gives them a unique experience on how to work with others effectively. Another soft skill that is important for successful relationships is interpersonal communication. And in school, the students will be encouraged to put their thoughts into words in a meaningful way so that others can understand them.

By participating in debates, presentations and discussions, the students will learn how to articulate their thoughts along with how to actively listen to others. And this is a great step towards learning how to communicate effectively. This will teach them how to convey their ideas to others clearly and it will also guide them to participate in meaningful conversations as well. Emotional intelligence is promoted by many schools especiallyfaith-led schools. Here, the students are encouraged to be self-aware and how to regulate their emotions. And they will also learn how to be empathetic towards others whether it is people or animals. And these skills will be modelled by mentors and teachers so that the students will understand how these skills can be used in real life. And this is essential in resolving conflicts and recognising emotions in yourself and others.

Students are taught to solve problems in creative ways in school and they are encouraged to do this at a young age through different projects, puzzles etc. And they will learn how to look for solutions and analyse situations in a critical point of view. And creativity is something to be encouraged and promoted in students. They can participate in artistic pursuits and learn so many different types of subjects and topics to get an idea of how to adapt to unique situations. And they will be able to use this creative thinking in their professional life to overcome challenges. All of this is possible when students are in an environment that fosters soft skills through project based learning, hands on learning such as discussions and group activities.