If you want a lawn that looks lush and green all year round, artificial turf is the perfect choice for you. It doesn’t need much care unlike natural grass, great for those people who have hectic schedules. You could even save a lot since you don’t need to hire people who will maintain your lawn and landscape.

However, even though artificial turf is convenient, there are still some simple ways to make it look at its best all the time and make it last longer. Once you understand properly the essential steps to maintain and care for an artificial lawn, you’ll definitely have a perfect-looking lawn that would surely turn heads. Read along and learn more about the essential care tips for artificial turf.

Clean It Promptly

Since artificial turf is set outdoors, it gets easily dirty with so many external factors present around such as animal waste and different stains. Be sure to clean it promptly so the dirt doesn’t stick to the fibres and destroy them.

For animal waste, pick up the solid waste and rinse urine immediately to avoid staining. If there’s still bad odour lingering, you could rinse the spot with vinegar and water solution to remove it. For stains, be sure to clean it out immediately before it sets in to the fibres. You could scrape off some dry stains, however, wet stains should be removed using non-acidic diluted household cleaner.

Check for Moss and Moulds

Although artificial turf doesn’t really absorb water, there are instances when it tends to retain water like when it is installed in concrete or the drainage underneath isn’t that good. If you’ve noticed moss or mould growth in your artificial turf, be sure to remove it immediately to avoid causing more damage and for health purposes as well. Treating moss on fake grass is not that hard; simply pour an artificial grass cleaner and brush off gently to clean it. Rinse well with water after scrubbing to reveal cleaner grass blades.

Brush It

Artificial turf can look flat and rugged especially on areas that are high in traffic. If you have artificial turf at home, be sure that you also have a brush to groom the lawn. Cross-brush the grass from time to time especially on high traffic areas to make the grass blades stand upright again and look alive.

Wash Regularly

Artificial turf can collect dust and other small dirt particles through time which could affect its natural lush beauty. Rain actually does the job of rinsing the turf. However, if your area doesn’t receive much rainfall, you could do the washing yourself by spraying it with water using a hose. That way, you could remove loose dirt and debris on the grass blades, making it look fresh and healthy like new.

Having an artificial turf might not be that expensive unlike investing in other things but taking care of it pays a lot in maintaining the beauty of your home.