When hiring employees there are many factors that need to be taken into account to ensure that a company is making the right decision in hiring the employee.


What To Look For?

When advertising a job vacancy, the organization should provide a clear description of the job. For instance, if a construction company has Construction recruitment sites through which they look for employees, these sites should provide a clear description of the job. By providing a clear description it would not mislead the applicant into understanding what exactly the job is for. Therefore this way time would not be wasted for both the applicants and the interviewers. Looking into an individual’s strength and weaknesses is important when considering them for a job, however, it is also vital to look into their character as a dishonest employee would result in more harm being done to the company than good.

Reviewing Resumes

Looking through resume’s can be tiresome therefore it would be wise to not only have one person look through resumes. Having a least two members of the organization going through resumes can not only aid in speeding up the process but it could also make the process of narrowing down applicants easier.


Testing Applicants

Once an applicant’s resume has been looked through, a decision will be made to either call in the applicant for an interview or not. If an applicant is called in they will usually first have a basic interview and then would be tested further if they pass the basic interview. When testing applicants, the test should be conducted in a way that would bring out the individuals talents, strengths and weaknesses. The personality test is also an important part of the selection process as a personality test would reveal to the organization what kind of person they are dealing with. For example, a personality test can reveal whether an individual is an extrovert or introvert which would help interviewers decide on whether or not they would be suitable for the position.

Period Of Probation

Although an interview can say a lot about an individual in terms of their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses it does not say everything. Therefore even if an employee is hired, it is important to give them a probation period. The period should be for a substantial period of time and during this period it is up to the organization to decide whether the individual has met the company standards or not. During the probation period, employers should pay close attention to their new employees and they should also ensure that they are adjusting to their new environment as a hostile and unpleasant environment could affect the way an employee carries out their work.  Employers should also encourage the employees especially the new employees to ask questions and clear any doubts they may have. It is also important that the organization understands they should create a friendly and comfortable work environment in order to help their employees work to their full potential.