Planning to tie the knot in New York? You might be already thinking of your favorite places, interesting themes, dress codes, food and beverages and decorations. In order to capture the results of all the good planning and the important moments of your day, you need to make sure you hire the best professionals. Here are some tips before hiring someone to save your lovely moments.


What type of style or theme you want the pictures to be of? Do you already have any plans for the style or is it something still undecided? Some of the popular themes that you can choose for your wedding photographs are the traditional style, vintage theme, the black and white theme, portrait style and photo journalistic style. If you already have an idea about the theme, you can get a professional photographer who excels in taking pictures in the kind of style you like. Or you can discuss this with a photographic service or studios and they will recommend good New York photographers to capture your pictures.


New York has a lot of beautiful and scenic places to hold a wedding, either inside or outside. The venue and its lighting – especially if you are into pictures with more natural light or are a fan of dark, moody kind of pictures – is going to be really important. Some of the professionals excels at shooting in natural light while some do not. Some venues might need a bit of extra lighting and some venue will do just fine with natural light. Therefore, whatever the venue you choose and whether it is an indoor venue or an outdoor venue is going to matter when hiring someone to take pictures. It is better if you can find someone who is well familiar with the city.


When planning a wedding in New York, the budget is something you always need be aware of.While pictures and videos of the day is going to be important keepsakes that carry a lot of memories, do not let yourself get carried out with snaps and shoots.  Explore more than one option and choose the one that feels the best for you. You do not have to limit yourself since there always will be good and affordable packages you can choose. How much you will be able to spend on documenting your special day is something you have to decide early. This will help you to hiring a professional to take pictures or choosing any packages offered by the studio.

Meet and Discuss

Before the wedding try your best to meet the photographer and talk with them. This does not only include the theme/ style. You need to let them know the venue of the wedding and the time of the ceremony and the reception. Also let them know what shots that must be there such as the ring exchange, wedding speeches etc. Pre-planning your shots will make the job of the photographer much easier. If you cannot meet them in person, at least try to communicate through Skype and discuss the matters.

Try to find a professional photographer as soon as you can, once the wedding planning starts. This will give you enough time to discuss the styles and shots. Talk to your friends and family for good recommendations or look into sites with experienced professionals and good reviews.