In a world where there is an almost infinite tasks and work to be done and there is almost no time left for the day for sleep and rest because of the need to work and finish the tasks ahead, many people are clamouring for efficiency. Many workers wanted to discover the secret on how some few men and women in various profession seems to be able to balance it all, from family, to hobby, and work, that even they still have time to pursue meaningful activities for themselves despite the load of work that they face every day.

Many workers are choked with tasks that they have lesser time for themselves risking chronic stress, fatigue and job-related burnout. So how do we become highly effective and efficient in our respective work? To start off here are some simple tools to help us become more productive in our daily tasks.

Sticky Notes

These mundane items are very important for you since it is very handy and comes in different neon colours which grabs your attention as you look past it. Sticky notes can be of really great help if you always forget something or if you need to insert a task in between major assignments, you can just add a sticky note to where you actually need to do it so that you will be reminded to do it right away. These notes will also come in handy if you need to write something fast.


If you want your next year to be filled with productivity you have to have your weekly planners for 2022 as early as now. These weekly planners are good for short attainable goals that you want to achieve of finish on a weekly basis. These are also great for planning ahead a week in advance for any of the tasks that are to be done for the next week. What makes it great is that with these types of planners you will never miss an appointment or an assigned task because you have already set it a week prior, which is not so far back. 

Smart Phone

You have to admit it, you have to have your phone but not just any other phone, and it must be a smart phone. The reason for such is that you will be able to communicate effectively with a smart phone because of the features that it has. Let’s say you can connect with clients and co-workers with its basic text and call functions, but also you can send them a private message through apps and other means.  This meant that having a phone makes one better connected with their work thus lesser lag in terms of production.

Alarm Clock

Of course, you have to have your alarm clock. Aside from the alarm clock on your phone as an app, which is great. You have to have your alarm clock at home. This means that you will be able to set for yourself a certain time to wake up in the morning and start your daily grind. This time set will be incorporated in your life pattern that you will be able to wake up on that specific time easier than having a random time to wake up which makes you groggy and less productive in the morning.

One thing that matters is that as we strive for efficiency at work, we must never forget that it all starts with the discipline within ourselves.