Videography is not a simple task considering the levels of editing, investment of equipment and the transportation of such equipment as well. Although it looks simple and easy, it involves a lot more work than the tip of the iceberg we see. This article provides a holistic view of what tools are most essential to create a good video production so that you too can improve on your videography skills for future projects coming your way. The tools stated below are those that would complement the quality and content of the video but are not a necessity as videos can be created using your smartphone as well, so read below;


This is essential equipment in videography, as it is the sole tool used to capture the footage of the video. If you wish to make professional videos, investing in a professional camera will improve the quality further in comparison to a DSLR. Along with your professional camera, having one that is portable or has a gimbal to be handheld when traveling or shooting walking videos, would make it easier and give it more stability and quality.


Professional videos cannot be created if they are handheld as it tends to wobble and shake, losing the quality and stability of the film. Tripods on the hand are the solutions for this. Mounting your camera on a tripod provides extra rigidity and stability to shoot the video without any wobbly interruptions. Tripods also give you peace of mind with not having to hold the camera super strong until the entire filming is completed.

Light Equipment

A video without great lighting is not considered professional. Carry along your umbrella lights or C stands for softer light exposure to complement the person in the video. Without proper lighting a video will not succeed or be considered to be good. This tool is one instrument to improve the quality of the video on an external level even if the content of the video is not commendable.

External Microphone

Most of the time, the audio that is captured using cameras or phones are not of great quality and might lack clarity in the content that is explained. An external microphone would capture the voice and other sounds perfectly enough to pass as a professional video. With an external microphone, the audio file can be overlaid on the footage of the video perfectly without using the initial capture of the audio through your camera as well.

Editing Software

Every video requires editing to be done before it is delivered. For such editing, good editing software is required to have. This would aid in cropping, trimming, adjusting, overlaying, adding effects and enhancing the quality of the video overall to a greater level than the initial capture.

There you go, that’s all the tools you need to create a professional video. Using the above plays a major role in video production and its quality, if you too wish for the same, go ahead and purchase them too.