There has been a rise in popularity among farmers today in the area of animal farming.  Animal farming is the process of systematically breeding and raising certain animals mainly for the sake of marketing their produce for human consumption.

Other animal farms earn extra apart from animal produce by creating a model farm status and let visitors experience the farm life and let them experience firsthand the process of taking care of the animals in the farm. There are different types of animal farms around, here are some of the most common farms there is.

Poultry Farms

These types of farms raise hogs and is the most common type of animal farming in the world given that most people eat pork. This type of farm actually needed to be placed and situated far from community areas because of the smell and the by-product of animal waste it creates. Poultry farms needed a substantial amount of water for daily maintenance and hog consumption. 

Cattle Farming

Cattle farming is one of the most expensive farms around because cattle are generally big animals that require constant space to graze and move around. Their main product is of course beef and, in many cases, these farms also produce milk.

It is very expensive to develop a cattle farm facility, because of the maintenance and the tools needed to operate one. Ranch owners even find the best cattle prods online and other tools just to operate the farm efficiently.

Livestock Farming

One of the fastest growing farming trends is the livestock farming and most common product they have is chicken meat but they are also producing tons of eggs for other market as well. Livestock farming is very in demand today because of the rise of demand for chicken meat.

Other people even ventured into making their own backyard livestock farming because the maintenance and facilities needed for such is very minimal and one can even recycle the waste to make fuel for fire, they also use the waste for fertilizers and fish farms are even buying the waste to feed it to their fished, this practice is very well known in South East Asia.

Sheep and Goat Farms

For many western and middle eastern countries sheep farming is a popular thing, this is because they can have extra earning from the sheep not only because of the meat it produces but they can also earn from the wool that the farmers harvest from the sheep almost twice per year.

Although different from sheep, goats are generally of the same kind as sheep. Goats are farmed mainly because of their milk, which is scientifically similar to humans in terms of nutritional content. Goat’s meat can also be sold on local markets for a cheaper price compared to sheep and cattle.

Duck Farming

Although generally this is still under the category of livestock farming, duck farming is very popular in Asian regions not because of the duck meat but because of the eggs it produces. Duck egg is a popular delicacy in Asian nations, where the egg is cooked with steam and the eaten with salt and. This product is widely popular and is one of the highest grossing small business ventures in southern Philippines today.

All in all, farming is not for the faint of heart, you must be strong willed dedicated to your farm if you want it to succeed, it may not be as high earning as other businesses but it is one of the most stable business ventures around.