There are partial and complete dentures available as a replacement for missing teeth and improving your smile. These are false teeth that can be removed and they are made of different materials such as metal, acrylic, resin etc. There is a misconception that false teeth don’t need a lot of cleaning but this is an inaccurate belief.

When you first have your consultation at the dental clinic and start the process of fitting your first dentures, your dentist will inform you of the cleaning process. You can also visit the website to get more information about dentures and their benefits. When you don’t regularly clean dentures, plaque can build up which can affect your breath and it will increase your risk for gum disease as well. So you need to clean diligently in order to maintain your oral health. You need to have a few supplies to keep your dentures clean such as a soft bristled toothbrush, a soft towel, water, a cleaning solution for dentures or regular mild soap. You need to at least brush your dentures once a day. However, it is best for the dentures and your health if you give them the same care as natural teeth and brush them twice a day. However, toothpaste shouldn’t be used on dentures as it can be abrasive. Therefore, toothpaste can damage the dentures by scratching them or causing small cracks.

There are brushes that are made specifically for dentures. Your dentist will be able to guide you to purchase certain products that are better for dentures. However, you shouldn’t only stick to brushing when it comes to cleaning. They should be cleaned properly every night after you remove them. It is best to have a process when it comes to denture cleaning. First, you need to fold the towel and keep it on the bathroom counter before you proceed to remove the dentures. The towel will cushion the dentures if they fall and prevent them from getting damaged. The first step of cleaning after you remove the dentures from your mouth is cleaning them with warm water.

After they have been properly rinsed, you can use the soft-bristled toothbrush to remove any food particles, germs in the dentures and also the denture adhesive. Make sure that your movements are gentle so as not to damage the dentures. Once you have finished brushing, you can rinse them with warm water again and keep them overnight in a glass of lukewarm water. They should never be soaked in hot water as it can affect the shape of the dentures. You can also use a solution that has been made for dentures in place of the water as well. If you don’t keep them in a solution throughout the night, they can become dry and it can cause the dentures to lose shape. You should take care to rinse your dentures before you wear them again in the morning. If you are wearing partial dentures, after you have cleaned them you will need to brush and floss your remaining teeth.