These days, the technology has overtaken the modern world. We can find advancements in technology every day. Most of the technological advancements are beneficial for human beings. It’s also important we use technology in the correct manner, it can cause harmful consequences if misused.

We use machines in every aspect of our lives now. Whether it’s a simple machine or a complex machine, it has been very useful to perform our day-to-day activities. From the time we wake up to the time we go back to sleep. There are several machines we use to make our day-to-day activities easier and quicker. It’s very hard to imagine a life without machines. Machines play a major role in our lives. The clock we use to see the time is an example of a simple machine.

Use of machines have greatly decreased the time taken to perform an activity. It has also reduced the human labor to a great extent. For example; decades ago they used people to pack products and sort them in companies now they just have to do Parcel sorter installation to machines. Now there are machines to perform almost all the activities.

One of the major drawback of using machines for every day to day activities is lack of physical activity. Lack of physical activity can lead to many health related problems. A certain amount of physical activity is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will not be an issue if we spend our spare time engaging in sports. But if we don’t do that, it’s recommended to go for a walk or to go to the gym to get the needed amount of physical activity. Lack of physical activity can cause overweight or obesity. Most of the population these days are overweight or obese, this can be due to low physical activity and bad food habits. This can cause many health related issues like diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension and so on. This can lead to very harmful consequences.

Machines can perform tasks with no or fewer errors. Using of human to perform a task and using of a machine to perform a task, the percentage of error can be very less in the task performed by the machine. This is also great advantage for companies as they can have more profit by eliminating the errors. This can bring a great customer satisfaction, which can lead to higher success in the business. Machines are more accurate in performing a task compared to humans.

Use of machines are very advantageous for large-scale production companies. The process can take place every day in the month. Machines don’t need rest, unlike humans. For humans, they must get enough rest and should be in good physical condition to attend work. There are so many protocols regarding the healthcare of the workers. All of those should be followed appropriately. In machines normally, there is no need of rest like humans do. Machines don’t feel fatigue. So more amount of work can be done within a shorter period of time.