Ecommerce website building has come a long way in the past decade. While some things have remained the same, many others have changed. So what’s new in website building in 2019? Read ahead to learn about the most important design features to consider when building an online shop from scratch this year:

Mobile Responsiveness Should be a Priority

Mobile responsiveness became important for site building several years ago. It’s now just as important, if not even more. Market data from multiple sources indicate that consumers are increasingly turning to handheld devices to do their online shopping. That means your website should be easily and quickly accessible on a smartphone or a tablet.

Making a website mobile responsive is not especially hard these days. For example, there are many free site templates that are mobile friendly. However, complex features on an e-retail website may require professional help to translate into a mobile platform. Using the right content management system is important her as well. Therefore, consider using a third-party consultant like a Shopify developer Brisbane to make your website fully mobile responsive.

Speed is as Important as Ever

Don’t underestimate the power of a speedy website. It retains potential customers and is also important for racing to the top of page ranks on Google. The search algorithm now considers site load speed in search, especially mobile search. Ecommerce businesses should certainly invest resources into making sites as quick loading as much as possible to take advantage here.

Choose a Unique and Clean Site Template

Online consumers have very short attention spans. Also, they don’t like hanging out at a website just to learn how a feature works. Ecommerce site appeal nowadays hinges a lot on how user-friendly a website is. Remember, the online competition is high. There will most likely be a number of other sites selling similar products as yours.

To stand above this fray, use a unique site theme that will grab attention from a user. The uniqueness should be accompanied with ease of use. A minimalist template with easy-to-use ecommerce features is the best in 2019.

Data Protection Measures are a Must

Online consumers are vigilant more than ever about hackings and identity theft online. A slew of privacy scandals in recent years have exposed just how vulnerable our personal data is online. Assume that your potential consumers would share these concerns.

To assure the target audience, offer data protection features like clear privacy statements, on-site encryption, and password protection via two-step verification. You can use similar tools to make sure consumer information is well protected on your site.

Consider Making the Website Highly Accessible

Accessibility refers to a website being usable to a person with a cognitive or physical disability. Website accessibility is not a nuisance as it is popularly believed. Rather, an accessible website is more searchable and compliant compared to a non-accessible one.

Making your website more accessible include offering transcripts for videos, adding voice assistance, or making information easy to read, among other things. These features help deaf, mute, or cognitively impaired individuals use your site. In addition, these features have an SEO value as well.

To take advantage of these features, make your website as accessible as possible. You may also be able to avoid lawsuits filed by disabled users.

Overall, building a website in 2019 isn’t dramatically different from before. Data protection concerns are a bit new. So, use the above tips for design a top-notch ecommerce website that consumers would  flock into.