There are different ways of transporting goods from one place to another. The mode of freight you choose depends on many factors. And choosing the right transport will ensure that your costs are kept down and the efficiency of the process is improved.

Over the road freight tends to be the most common and it allows businesses to transport large quantities of cargo over short distances. And with road freight, you will be able to access local destinations more easily which can be great if you are more in the realm of regional transportation of goods. You will be able to provide door to door service when it comes to short distances. And the cost of packing is also lower as you are not sending them over a long distance. The items can be packed closely to ensure no jostling happens. There is a lot more flexibility when you are scheduling deliveries to customers with this method. However, you will need to deal with road traffic and it may be a little difficult to hire skilled drivers. There is a higher risk of good being open to damage and this can be less fuel efficient when compared to other types of freight. Some categories of over the road freight solutions such as full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL) and LTL consolidation.

Ocean freight is one of the least expensive freight modes you can consider and you can carry large volumes of cargo to different countries at a good price as well. This is great for transporting heavy cargo and this is also considered to be the most environmentally friendly option compared to other modes. However, the transit times tend to be very long and reliability is quite poor because the shipment can be delayed due to bad weather, customs issues and port congestions. Tracking can be quite difficult as well. Air freight is recommended for transporting smaller items over long distances. These will generally be time sensitive high value goods. And this is the fastest mode of transportation you have. There is less damage due to less handling and freight gets better security. It is very easy to track. But air freights tend to be the most expensive freight mode as well. There are also certain restrictions on what can be transported and this is not a very environmentally friendly option due to high carbon emissions.

Rail freight is cost effective if you are transporting heavy or bulky items over long distances. You can decide whether to select road or rail freight depending on the distance to the destination. And this is definitely more efficient than road transport as there is no traffic and the freight can work according to a schedule. And a higher load can be carried in one go. This increases fuel efficiency. And there is a high record of safety when it comes to rail transport as well. You will be able to rely on the schedule provided by the rail freight and be able to provide accurate transit times to the customers. And this is a great way of reducing traffic on the road. However, there is less coverage when compared to road freight and you need to have large shipments for it to be cost effective. And because the routes and schedules are fixed, there is less flexibility.