There are a few etiquette guidelines you have to follow when visiting a massage parlour. If the customer is breaking a rule at any given time, the masseuse will always inform them. You can also check the basic rules enforced by the parlour on their website or displayed at their place of work.

It is recommended that you take a shower and be clean before you go into the massage. Bad hygiene can be off putting to the masseuse and it can negatively affect the experience as well. A clean countenance will make you more appealing as well. It is important that your skin is clean as dirt or grime can prevent you from getting the full effect of the massage. This is because at most times, essential oils or lotions will be massaged into your skin by the masseuse. It is also best not to use perfumes before the massage as you will not get the full effect of the essential oils massaged into your skin if the perfume you’re wearing is mixed with it. If you’re worried about what you should wear for a first time massage session, it is advised to dress according to what you normally feel comfortable in. You can wear loose clothing that can be removed easily.

When you make an appointment at the Blue Room Massage it is best to be punctual as there will be other clients that are booked for the day and you don’t want to miss shortening your time inside. It is always better to arrive a little early. Discretion will be provided when you visit and client confidentiality is taken very seriously in a parlour. You can clarify the duration of the massage as well as the type of massage before you make an appointment. You can get a relaxing massage if you’re after a taxing work day at the office. There are also special massages sessions if you’re looking for erotic massage as well. You can have an effective massage session if you can communicate openly with the masseuse. Letting them know what you’re comfortable with can help set clear boundaries and it will help build a respectful relationship between both of you.

You can have input regarding your masseuse as well depending on the physical characteristics that you prefer. Massage parlours can provide a variety of girls and ladies from petite to curvy who will act with professionalism to cater to your needs. You can inquire from the massage parlour if they have a mobile massage service as well where you can get a massage in the comfort and privacy of your home. But you need to provide accurate details about the location and there should be a private spacious area for the masseuse to work. In most massage parlours you will be required to fill out a form that will target questions on your health. There are certain health conditions that are not conducive to having deep tissue massage techniques such as being on blood thinners. Therefore, it is essential you disclose all pertinent information.