There are many foot related issues that your child may experience that will need the attention of a specialised healthcare provider such as a podiatrist. Some foot issues can resolve on their own but you need to take your child to the podiatrist to find whether this is the case or if any intervention is necessary. This can save your child from a lot of discomfort and improve their overall foot health.

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Young children trying to walk in different ways and experimenting with their capabilities. And one thing they will try is walking on their tippy-toes. Experimentation is normal and they are just trying to understand their body better. But in some cases, walking on their tippy-toes will be persistent and they will do this continuously even after the age of three. This might require a visit to the podiatrist to check whether an underlying condition is causing this. Sometimes it can have neurological causes. By consulting with a podiatrist you will be able to gain a better understanding of the cause and treatment. You may also see ingrown toenails in children because of not trimming nails correcting or wearing tight footwear. A podiatrist can help treat the ingrown nail and recommend ways to prevent this from happening in the future.

You can read Sydney podiatry co info to get an idea of common foot concerns your child may have. If your child is complaining of pain in their foot or ankle after playing sports or being active, this may be due to an underlying issue. This can be a recurring complaint and may be caused by stress fractures, overuse injuries or sprains. The foot and ankle mechanics of your child can be assessed by a podiatrist in order to understand the issue. There are also certain behaviours that they may do repeatedly which can affect their foot or leg health. For example, if they sit in a “W” position consistently with their feet and knees turned out, it can lead to foot and leg problems. This can also lead to instability in the hip and muscle imbalances. You can visit the podiatrist with your child to get an idea of how this position can be corrected so that correct body alignment can be achieved.

Flat feet is a condition

That can resolve naturally or persist so if you notice that your child has this condition, it is best to visit a podiatrist o that their condition can be assessed. This is when there is improper development in the arches of the feet. Sometimes the arches will collapse when your child is standing. And walking on flat feet can cause discomfort and pain. Your child may experience certain difficulties when they are participating in sports and other activities. There are certain exercises and orthotics that can help improve this condition. And you will need to monitor the child as they grow. If your child is complaining of sore legs and knees after physical activity, this can be an issue with their lower limbs or feet. And some of the causes of this can be muscle imbalances, overuse injuries and growth plate issues.