Do you have calls coming in at an unprecedented rate in your business? The good news is that there are a lot of potential customers for your products and services however if the volume of calls coming in cannot be managed by a conventional receptionist then this is definitely a cause for concern. Your first thought would be is trying to get an additional receptionist but then you think of the cost involved, not to mention the burden of training one from scratch. Another point to consider is that if you promise your customers 24/7 customer accessibility then hiring another additional receptionist to work during normal business hours would not be fruitful.

A Cloud-Based Software To Manage Your Calls

The benefit of this is that you could simply log in using your credentials and take a look at a detailed report of all calls handled per business day. This would contain information of all outgoing and incoming calls and some software even show the subject matter discussed so you can better identify each call and caller. Important calls to follow up would be highlighted or even color-coded in some cases. If you wish have monthly-end meetings with detailed statistics of your calls, then this type of software would be ideal to help you in pointing out the calls handled and how many actually transpired into a real business. Some of the software even come in the form of a mobile app and protect your data through high-end encryption which is secure. In this day and age of hackers and viruses that steal information, it is absolutely important to keep your data safe and secure.

How To Select A Good One

Before you hire the services of a live answering service you need to do some research on it. It is always better to go to a service which has a lot of testimonials online. A good referral rate would mean that the service provider is well-established in the market and is a trusted source in business. Most service providers have their own website where you could take a detailed look at their product. Do your research well, as you are trusting a vital part of your business with their service. Take an answering service Sydney, for example, they often have free trial periods where you could easily evaluate their level of service. If there are things you would like to change in the way they operate you could get them changed before you have their services implemented.


A live answering system should be able to conform to the needs of your business. Every business is different and it is important to realize the difference. If there are certain etiquette to be followed when handling your customers ensure that your answering service provider meets this. Consistent levels of service should show you results. If you do not see the expected results then it is time to take a step back and see where things do not work out.