Although layering up can be a hassle during winter, it is one of the seasons where if done right, dressing up can be fun and worth it. You may think that in winter you require way too many wardrobe pieces, but in fact you really don’t.

Having the right set of pieces allows you to mix and match and layer it in variety of ways, which in turn allows you to achieve various different looks that lets you show case your personal style while keeping you warm. So, keep reading to find out some of the must have wardrobe essentials during the winter season.

Puffer Coat

A good puffer jacket is often waterproof and well insulated and comes in various different lengths, styles and colours, allowing you to make the most out of a casual wear during the winter season. Often with the right puffer coat you wouldn’t require much layering up as it provides plenty of warmth.


While there are several different types of boots available, as long as they’re season friendly and winter proof you’re good to go. While a pair of snow boots is ideal if you’re in a heavy winter-based location, ankle length or knee length boots can also fulfil their purpose with absolutely any attire.

Cashmere Sweater

Apart from being the greatest essential in a winter wardrobe, a good styled cashmere sweater can help you make a great winter statement whether dressed up or down. The Scanlan Theodore fashion collection for winter has some great and trendy cashmere sweater options available for you.


Whether it’s a blanket wrap scarf or infinity scarf or just a simple neck scarf, these scarves go in and out of trend with its various styles but they all fulfil their seasonal purpose by providing a layer of warmth during the harsh winter weather.

Leather Jacket

All the way from fall to winter, a leather jacket has the power to make any outfit look instantly fabulous. From choosing to pair it with your favourite dress or jeans, you can never go wrong with adding a leather jacket as a winter layer to fit any occasion.

Sweater Dress

The cosiest yet stylish piece to own during winter would be a sweater dress. Be it a turtleneck, mock neck or cowl neck styled dress, all of it provides a chic look and is equivalent to a warm hug. It requires very minimum layering and would do perfectly well with a pair of tights and boots.


Owning a beanie is never a loss as it is trend that never wears off and is a crucial part of every winter wardrobe. Often worn as casual wear, beanies protect your head from the cold. They also help you to avoid getting sick due to the climate as it protects your ears from the chilly breeze that gets through.

While there are a bunch of other things that can be greatly beneficial or in-trend for winter wear, these are just some of the pieces you can’t afford to miss having in your wardrobe.