Among the many different departments and functions that makes up the supply chain of an organization, the warehousing activity is quite different from the rest and requires a special level of attention. Entrusted with the task of receiving and shipping of materials and products, which must also be moved and stored in an effective manner to minimize the time consumed, a storehouse manager must work hard to attain impressive levels of efficiency and productivity. Continue reading this article to learn about 4 measures that can significantly improve warehouse efficiency.


Robotics have become an integral part of the modern-day warehousing activity and these innovative machines are able to perform complex tasks within minutes, whereas an average labourer might take hours. By investing on acquiring such technology, an organization can significantly improve the productivity of its storehouse, which will convert into major cost savings over the long-run.

Labour Productivity

While robotics can be used to perform some of the functions of a storeroom, it can never replace the adaptability, creativity and skills possessed by a labourer. In fact, the whole point of using machines is to make the job of your workers easier. As such, optimizing the productivity of workforce can be considered as the cornerstone of any effort to improve the efficiency of a storehouse. In addition to job rotation and giving the space and freedom to use their skills and creativity rather than sticking to a standardized set of procedures, workers must be incentivized through various benefits, recognition and awards. Such measures will help reduce the cost of labour, which makes up the largest warehouse-related cost.

Optimizing Storage Spaces

Improper utilization of floor space can lead to serious problems, which might force you to look for third party warehouses that will cost a lot. This is why it is important to make the best of every inch of the storehouse without wasting any of it. Although most managers take the necessary steps to smartly allocate the floorspace for the many different materials handled, they fail to make use of the vertical space that exists between the highest item in storage and the ceiling of the facility. Pallet racks that can be setup vertically to allow easy and secure stacking of pallets should be included in the storehouse to make the best of this untapped storage area. Research the market to find great deals for pallet racking Sydney to include an adequate number of racks in your storeroom, depending on the level of inventory held usually.

Organized Workstations

The repetitive manual tasks that the workers perform in a warehouse can cause serious physical injuries when performed in the wrong way. Therefore,

managers must take the necessary steps to customize the workstations to better suit the particular task performed and the specific requirements of the worker. Musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strains, back injuries and tendinitis are some of the many such conditions that improper posture or cramped up workstations can expose your workforce to. Therefore, take the necessary steps to make the working environment more comfortable to them.