Applying false eyelashes is not something that everybody knows how to do. In fact, it requires a lot of practice and skill to apply it perfectly so it just looks like natural lashes. When you’ve mastered this skill, you’ll realize that it is really worth it to learn since it just makes your eyes look stunning and more beautiful than it was, with or without makeup.

A lot of women opt for false lashes because they are more affordable than having lash extensions or lash lifts. If you want to have fuller and more dramatic lashes, learning to apply false eyelashes is one of the skills you need to learn. Here is a simple guide for beginners and newbies alike.

Choosing the Eyelash Strip

First of all, you need to choose the right eyelash strip for your eye shape. For those who have monolids, upturned, or downturned eyes, these faux lashes that has shorter strip with fuller lashes at the outer corner suits your eyes best. However, for round eyes, opt for curled lashes that aren’t too voluminous to enhance the natural shape of your eyes. Almond shape eyes look great with almost any type of eyelash strips so feel free to experiment.

Apply the Eyeliner

Before putting any false lashes on, you should apply eyeliner first on your upper lash line so it would hide the base of your false lashes. Let it dry first before applying any product on it.

Loosen the Strip

Before using the false lashes, you need to soften its spine first. This step is essential so the outer and inner ends of the lashes won’t pop out after gluing it on. You can do this by gently wrapping the lash strip on your finger or a makeup brush for a few seconds.

Measure the Right Length

After softening the false lashes, it is now time to get the right measurement. Rest the strip along your upper lash line. Your falsies should start where your natural lashes are and end just about 2 to 4 lashes inwards from the outer part of your lash line. That way, your false lashes would look like natural. Trim off all the excess from the strip gently and accurately.

Apply the Glue and Stick on the Lashes

Once you got the right length for your falsies, it is time to apply glue on its spine. Apply only a little amount of glue so it sticks quickly and doesn’t look messy when it dries. Using a cotton bud helps a lot in controlling the amount of glue you apply to the strip.

Leave it for a few seconds to make the glue a little tacky before putting it on. With a tweezers, start placing the eyelash strip from the middle part then gently nudge the corners. Pinch your natural lashes together with the false lashes so they look natural and blended together.

Once you’ve mastered this skill, your lashes would really look natural even if while wearing false eyelashes.