Today information has become a commodity, a commodity which we unknowingly purchase or pay for in various different forms. With the advent of the technological age, we have begun towards a steep progress towards development. Communication companies have since started to embrace and immigrate towards digital services, the likes of internet providers and other tech media. Since then we have started to consume information and data at a rate so fast that we could not keep track of, and so the race also started with providers with the notion that the one who can offer the fastest service rate would become the top of the hierarchal corporate.

And so the dynamics of the demand and supply by consumers and corporations has started. But the question which lingers is, what made us so attached to the internet and why or how have we become like this? And to answer that is to look into the businesses that have also migrated digitally. And to see the trend one must also look back to when websites started to emerge and profit from their visitors, and then the ads business commenced. With technology which has long been ready, with demands that are already at bay and with the supply and also the probability of profit and investments, thus rose the capitalist internet.

Here are areas where businesses and entrepreneurs obtain profit through the internet.

Social Media Platforms

With the capability of technology, people has then innovated ways to socialize over the internet and that is through the help of social media platforms more and more social media sites has emerged with each site offering a unique dimension of service and objectives with each framework of experience per individual.

Content Aggregators

In this platform people will upload something over the broader domain of the site so that other people could see it respond and react to it, and interact over the content which was uploaded. Of course the one who uploaded the content will be credited for it and the site has its own way of rewarding the person, but the lifeblood of the platform is advertisements from other brands or companies.

Businesses the Immigrated Digitally

Both big and small businesses had made moves towards the digital, even making websites to make their brands known. Hotels and other platforms within the same category had also found a way to move digitally. What they made is to make available ticket purchases and even book hotel rooms and venues over their websites. This also serves them well since they’ve also optimized enhanced CPC on their websites where they can capitalize on every click on specific links on their websites.


With newer technology and faster internet rates, it is now possible and available to have real time video to video interaction with other people thus the business of streaming was born. Streaming is a way for people to showcase their interests and art and show it to other people over the internet in real time. Advertisements are also used as means to gain profit but not only ads but also individual views and sponsorships are to be considered in streaming business.

The internet as a means of profit is a very new yet very flexible means of income one should have a creative mind, and originality and a whole lot of guts to make it possible.