Do you want to potentially ruin your beautiful auto body and paint? Getting yourself detailing equipment is unfortunately only half the effort, the rest comes from knowing how to detail itself. If you’re someone who is not afraid to try new things, here’s a list of tips you’ll want to keep in mind when detailing your car.

Go For The Shade

One general rule (acknowledged by all experts) you need to remember is to work in a cool shady area or in your garage since direct sunlight can actually have a negative impact on your auto’s paintwork. Why? When you work in the sun, shampoo and soap tend to dry up much faster than you can clean and this will leave water spots and swirl marks behind, which are significantly harder to remove. So opt for working in cooler spots that will allow you to pace your work or make sure your surface remains constantly wet by spraying over it with water and thus, not allowing to dry up until you’re ready to rinse.

Two-Way Window Washing

Your car has the gleam of a brand new sports car but those smudged windows will definitely ruin the effect. Get yourself a micro-fiber towel and wipe the outside of your window in one direction- if it’s towards the right then you stick to this direction till you’re done. Then clean the inside of your window in the opposite direction. This helps you spot which side of the glass the blemishes might be and allows you to get rid of them fast.

Applying And Removing Wax

There are many Polishing products that can give your car that healthy sheen. So it’s a definite must-have if you’re looking for that cosmetic benefit as well as ensuring that you protect that paint job. If you’re looking for a professional effect, using wax with a buffer can make this job considerably easier. However, you need to remember to use a buffer only when applying wax and not when removing. You might end up with swirl marks and other smudges. For removing, get your hands on a soft, microfiber cloth. These clothes also have lower friction, so they’re less likely to leave behind scratches and marks.

Use Compressed Air To Get Rid Of Odors

You may be getting the new car look but what of the smell? Food, cologne and various other scents can give your car an unpleasant odor in no time. There’s also the lining of dirt and debris inside your air conditioning unit that will add to this smell. Use a spray of compressed air inside your units to flush out that debris stuck inside, which will significantly help with odors that have been building up.

Getting that new car feel, smell and everything in-between can be quite tough. But let’s not forget, car detailing is a process, one that you can undoubtedly get right with the right amount of research. However, keep these general rules in mind when you get down to it and it’ll undoubtedly help.